Doing something for the first time.

Doing something for the first time.



Some weeks ago we asked our readers via instagram (@nomadsventure): When was the last time you did something for the first time? We got all sorts of answers and there were two that amazed me.

One of the most popular answers was either “Good question.” or “Long time ago” and I kept scrolling down and answers kept coming up like that: “Soon, very soon”, “One day”, “When I quit my job”.

And it wasn’t until I hit this one answer which is exactly the idea behind me posting this question:


“Anytime I do something, I do it for the fist time”.


That’s the key. It doesn’t have to be some place exotic or a dangerous activity  like swimming with sharks (kudos to those guys) or bungee jumping, it’s about creating the moment, the feeling.

Feeling something for the first time is something that stays with you forever. Think about it for a sec. First time you tried a Dogfish 90 minute IPA. First time you saw your dog finally sit after you asked him

to sit for 2,435 consecutive days. First time you looked someone in the eyes and you just knew. First time you went camping. First time you shared some coffee in bed. First time you lost someone.

First time you tried chicken waffles. First time you thought wasabi was guacamole. First time you had a fight with your partner and then made that other inappropriate-to-talk-about first time happen.

First time you were laying on a hospital bed. First time you cracked your back. First time you grew a veggie garden.

There are so many first time-s happening to us every single day and we don’t even realize it. And very often we limit ourselves to dothings we want to because we believe things have to be done a certain

way or because we should do things this other way. I understand we would all love to hop on a plane to travel the world and experience it all for the first time but sometimes it’s just not the perfect timing and

we must hold off, which is a valid point..priorities.. But we can easily hop on a car, a bike, a skateboard and achieve that same feeling.How many of you have been to your city’s public library?

All the museums? The best street tacos you’ve heard so much about? Have you sat down with grandpa lately to hear a new story? We don’t need a new place to feel something new. We just need to want

to feel something for the first time. .


“We must look at the lens through which we see the world, as well as the world we see, and understand that the lens itself shapes how we interpret the world”. Stephen R. Covey


So New Year’s resolution or not I invite you all to be first timers on a daily basis. Do or see something new every day and maybe even write it down. Read it back to you after a week and you will be amazed,

and excited and happy. Read it out to you in a month. three months. Do more of the stuff that makes you smile, the stuff that makes you grow, the stuff that makes you fall in love. The stuff that makes you

want to make this world a better place. Do what you want to do and not what you think you should be doing. Look forward to simple moments. Find adventure in the extraordinary as well as the ordinary.

You might not do absolutely everything you hope for this year but experience the world, enjoy every second of it and allow yourself to feel everything.


I leave you with some exciting, dangerous and interesting answers from our readers below. Stay tuned on instagram for more questions to come . Thank you all for your comments. :)


–“I finally took up Scuba Diving. It opened up a whole new world to explore!”.

–“I read an entire book for the first time.”

–“We always take pics during our travels, but then we realized we never took a pic in front of the wonderful cathedral we’ve got in Milan.

So for the first time we are tourist in the city where we grew up in”

–“I am currently sitting on a train in Europe backpacking for the first time!”.

–“I got on a plane. I’ve never flown anywhere before it was an amazing experience”.

–“I am curently in Zanzibar and have been traveling in Tanzania for the last two weeks”

–“Good question.”

-“I proposed to my girlfriend today and I do hope it’s not only the first time but the only time I ever do this”.

–Voyage. On se vois quand pour checker toute.

–“We knocked out a bunch of firsts last week in South Africa! From bungee jumping to abseiling to shark cage diving, the entire experience was unreal!”

–“E uma boa pregunta”

–“Long time ago”

—Booking a single ticket to Uganda”.

–“I ran a marathon last weekened for the first time”

–“Dans les plus bref delais!”

–“Took a ballet class”

–“Anytime I do something, it is for the first time”

–“Soon,.. very soon.”




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