Oaxacan Sunsests and Headstands>>

Oaxacan Sunsests and Headstands>>



When planning your visit to Oaxaca you have to take in mind that the beaches are an eight hour drive from the city, so if you’re only heading out to Oaxaca for the weekend you have to either go to the city or to the beaches. I was there for a week and spent most of the time in the beaches and 2-3 days was more than enough to tour the city. I will tell you how my trip went and I can say it was pretty successful so I recommend taking this route. Fly out to “Puerto Escondido” and from there rent a car or have someone drive you to the several beach towns.



Where to stay >>

– Mazunte- this is about an hour drive for your point of arrival, Puerto Escondido, it is one of my favorite beaches in the area. Here we stayed at Posada del Arquitecto, you can rent a hammock for $3.5 USD or a room/villa from $40-70 USD depending on the size.

– Zipolite – El alquimista hotel $80 USD per night or Nude Hostel and bungalows for $60 USD a night; both hotels are right by the beach, you walk out of the lobby into the sand and water, literally!

– Punta Zicatela – I highly recommend “Cabanas Buena Onda” because it is right at the beach, $21USD for 2 people or $4.50USd for a hammock and restroom/shower use of course. The other option is “Frutas y Verduras” which ranges from $45-60, very cool too but it does not have beach access, you have to cross the street.

-Laguna Chacahua – Hostal “El Piojo”, you get a shared bedroom for $8 per person with shower/bathroom use of course.

-San Jose del Pacifico – Cabanas Don Lepo shared room for $4USD per person.



What to do >>

-Visit Puerto Escondido, it will be your first stop; here there are great surfing spots, food and shopping. It is the most touristy beach spot so it will get you into adapting.

– In Mazunte, make sure to check out the turtle center, if you are lucky you will get to presence a turtle hatching and liberation. At the beach, you will find several people asking you to check out the Mazunte tour, take the TOBADI tour! It is a 3 hours boat ride for $16 USD per person and you get to ride along the beaches, get to see the famous spots, you get to swim with the turtles, snorkel, presence a school of dolphins swim right by the boat and the best part you get to fish and the restaurant by the beach “El Pescador” will cook you your fresh caught fish.

-Lose your bathing suits at Zipolite, the nudist beach in Oaxaca.

-Surfs up in San Agustinillo, really good waves if you are into surfing, make sure you check out “Playa del amor” and “Ventanilla”; here you can take a tour through the mangroves and get to see the crocodiles.

-Go hiking at “Punta Cometa” one of most important energy vortices in Mexico at Punta Zicatela; if you can plan to be at the top by sunset, amazing view and then you can hike down to a natural jacuzzi on the rocks. There is also an amazing yoga center in La Punta, it’s called “Yoga Sanctuary” and the cost is $2.50 per person.

-Ranked one of the most beautiful places in Mexico “Laguna Chacahua” an hour drive from Zicatela, the only way to get these is by boat and the cost is around $20 per person, as soon as you come into the town you will see the signs to your left. You get the experience biolumiscnece at night, during the day the most amazing views, mangroves, stork nesting and islands.

-For a more strenuous hike check out San Jose del Pacifico, this will be a 4-5 hour hike all the way to the top but you will experience the other side of Oaxaca, the transition from beach, to jungle.



Where to eat >>

– Mazunte – For the best fish tacos I have ever tried in my whole entire life!! Check out tacos “El Rey” on the main street; two tacos and a Hibiscus water (must try) will cost you $5USD. By the beach you can have lunch at “El PEscador” for really good ceviche tostadas and grilled local, fresh fish.

– Zipolite -El Alquimista hotel has a really good restaurant and you are being served at the beach, with the best view. $10-25 USD

-Punta Zicatela – Frutas y Verduras hostel has a very good, very healthy restaurant “Cafe Ole” , we only had breakfast here but basically oatmeal, juices, fruit, granola, etc.For a great dinner head out to “Lychee, sounds ridiculous but this was the best Thai food I have every tried.. ironic.. $10-15 USD

-San Jose del Pacifico – Head out to the town, and by town I mean the 3 blocks that compose it, there are several stands that sell “Tlayudas with Flor de Calabaza” a typical dish in Oaxaca, some “Esquites” (corn cocktail) and of course, some Hot Oaxacan chocolate for $3 USD.



Cities visited >>

Oaxaca de Juarez, Puerto Escondido, Zipolite, Mazunte, Punta Zicatela, Mitla, Teotilan, San Agustinillo, Laguna de Chacahua, San Jose del Pacifico.


Tips >>>

A car rental will cost you about $56 USD per day with insurance (the insurance rate does not show when you book online by the way, you are better off renting at the airport directly), a taxi from the airport to Puerto Escondido hotel zone will cost you about $20 USD per person so depending on how many are in your group it might be cheaper to get the car and split it up, it will also give you the freedom to drive wherever, whenever, to all the beach spots that many taxis or “colectivos” will not take you.


Make sure you check your dates when you plan to visit, there are a lot of strikes and rallies that close off the roads.

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