Traceable postcards #winning

Traceable postcards #winning

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Want to make sure your postcards make it to that special someone? Say hello to GPS which not only stands for the company’s name, Globe Postal Service, but the service’s main appeal, GPS phone tracking. Yep. You can now keep track of postcards without having to spend tons of money to send via guaranteed and “traceable” international services.


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GPS service is available in the main Italian tourist regions and gives the possibility to send out postcards and packages out to the world exclusively from Italy though, at least for now the service is exclusive to the one country. Stamps can be purchased at several points of sale like shipping and postal points as well as supermarkets and souvenir stands. What makes this stamps magical is that they  are traceable through a QR-Code embedded onto the stamp AND that same code can be embed with information, like videos, photographs or personal messages for the receiver to download onto his/her phone. A more unique way of telling that someone you thought of him/her when visiting Italy yeah? If you want to be extra nice and send more than a postcard.. yep.. you can also use the service, at a very reasonable price, to send out packages. #winning

To send out a package you can check out  GPS Express Points which are incredibly helpful if you don’t feel like carrying those bottles of wine or leather goods you plan to take back home :)

Pricing for packages looks something like this”


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Read more online on GPS website.




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