La mia famiglia >> Leaving our loved ones to travel

La mia famiglia >> Leaving our loved ones to travel





Family is such a big part of our lives and the basis to the people we come to be.  I don’t mean to say that the word family has to stand for mom-dad-siblings. Family according to google dictionary, is a group of related things or all the descendants of a common ancestor. I don’t believe family has to be defined by blood because blood isn’t something you choose for yourself it’s something you are born into and hence, you are born into a family, a family you have not chosen. Many times it works out of course but you won’t believe how common it is that it actually doesn’t.  Of course many will say there are special bonds with these people you are born into because blood, because he is my brother or sister, because she’s my mom no matter how horrible of a person she might be, we are family but the real family, the family that will hurt to leave behind is that which you have chosen or have to come to appreciate and love.


I was blessed to have been born into my family, if I hadn’t been born in this family I would have chosen it on my own or would have wished for it I am positive. I have a twin brother with whom I am now best friends with and I say now because we had our tough teenage years behind us. fighting over who met this new friend first, throwing TV remotes across the room because we got each other into trouble.. stuff like that. I would like to call it “normal”.  But now we’re cool. Now we share our love for books, food,films and even our obsession with awesome kicks. My sister on the other hand, is the yin to my yang, literally, we are completely opposite. She is Bianca from 10 things I hate about you and I am Kat, pretty much. But somehow we make it work and find a way to bring it all together and share the things we love, like some fashion for example.. Sometimes.. Because you know how it is when sharing a closet with the sister. Ay  ay ay.. . But she is my number one confident in this world and I trust her with anything and everything. Mom. Mom is my hero, cheesy but true. Mom is my everything, it’s thanks to her that I am the person I am now. The tad of crazy I acquired on my own through travel and friends :)  See friends aren’t blood and we consider them family right? Or is it just me??


So I can’t really share this feeling of  “emancipation” many develop towards family. I do understand it though, and I have met so many people in my travels that feel this way. People who don’t for a single second miss home or their blood. People who simply leave and forget about everyone they left behind. I think this might be due to not actually having much to leave behind. It won’t hurt to leave someone you don’t really love or have a special bond with. And I am in no way judging, like I said earlier, I am extremely blessed to have the family that I do and I have learned to appreciate it on a daily basis and embrace everything about it. But to some people, childhood has tough growing up in the family that they were and I respect the wanting-to-stay-away sentiment, it’s actually the best in some cases. Sometimes even with a great loving family people choose to leave and never look back, people who feel like they don’t fit in with their family and can’t appreciate the love that relatives are giving them in the little way they can. Sometimes through separation they will come to appreciate it but sometimes people just don’t look back at all. And I have found that this happens mainly with the younger crowds. When we are teenagers we probably don’t feel the same way we do or will as we get older. Over the years we share endless experiences and trips with our loved ones through which the  bond just tightens. I will speak for myself here but that bond has gotten even tighter now that I am traveling, I miss them like crazy . Of course when I left I didn’t think I would miss them THIS much because I knew it was a matter of time before I saw them again, I wasn’t leaving indefinitely and technology would keep us close. I face time friends and fam all the time and we text and send pictures all day so it’s like we are all together. I even watched a movie with a friend of mine the other day, we shared our screen on Skype and ate our own bowl of popcorn, 7000 miles away from each other.


I don’t feel bad or guilty of missing things back home but I do wish I could have been there for many things. The important things you know? It’s vital not to feel guilty of taking off and you won’t feel guilty for leaving loved ones behind if you have shown them over the years how much you love and care for all of them individually. It’s important to let them know how much you miss them and how you didn’t leave because you needed a break from them but on the contrary you would’ve loved to have them pack their bags and had come with you. Have them know that you think about them all the time and how you wish they were sharing all these new things with you. COMMUNICATION. That is the key. That is the key to any type of relationship I think. So communicate and if you feel like texting your BF to tell her you are drunk as hell and met the cutest french guy, do it! If you feel like calling mom to tell her that her pasta is better than any of the pasta you have tried in Italy. Do it! If you are scared walking back home in the middle of night in Thailand, call your brother, your BF, your cousin. Just as you need them they need you know and there’s nothing better than knowing that people miss you and need you. (not clingy needy you know what I mean..)


Anyways!! I wrote about family because it’s only two weeks before I get to see my favorite people. Can’t say I am excited to stop traveling but I am super-duper mega excited to hang out with my loved ones over some tacos with extra guac and salsa. #yoopiii


Much love.


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  1. Hi. Lovely article. Really rings a bell with me. I moved to a new town recently (half an hour away!) and I miss my family. I think about all the things I’m missing at home. It’s a strange feeling. I wouldn’t change my family for the world and thought I’d never leave home. Yet when I go back it doesn’t feel like home anymore….guess it’s all part of being a grown up.

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