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Thanks to the owner of my stay in Puerto Princesa, Judy at Sheebang hostel, I was able to make really good local friends in the island. This new friend turned out to be the owner of an amazing land about 20 minutes from the city center. I was invited to visit his farm and got a tour of the land and it was just like a little fantasy come true! It would be the house I would love to have one day, a farm by the beach. Yep, keep reading. The place has several veggie gardens, as well as many trees and flower gardens as well. There’s the main house, a couple of outdoor kitchens and dining areas, a crab farm, a tilapia farm so the place is pretty much self sustainable. With several bungalows and common areas throughout the property and hammocks to relax by the seaside. Oh yeah,  I forgot the most important thing of all, it has access to the beach. I will rephrase that, it’s steps from the water, actually, just like having your own private beach.








The owner’s idea is to open up “Clarkville”, a self-sustained, eco-friendly farm and guesthouse for those looking to relax for some days. They are looking for someone to help out with gardening and restoration of the place like designing a practical space, enhancing farming procedures, building and renovating bungalows ( some carpentry knowledge a plus) and basically helping out with the restoration in whichever way possible. In return of course, you will get a bungalow of your own for your stay and your meals provided as well but what you will enjoy the most I think is the experience of working in the farm and meeting the owner and his friends/family. Locals who are in love with their country.. What better guidance could you possibly get for a great time in Puerto huh?












If I had the time right now I’d go back I swear, the place has a really good vibe and it is super relaxed and quiet. You can just hang out in your hammock and read a book by the beach and if you are into surfing, there are some waves coming into the area at certain times of year as well as kite and wind surfing season as well. I am positive you will have the best time enjoying some BBQ afternoons, which the owner loves BTW and you will learn so much from him as well.

Check out the pics below and for more info please contact Judy by following link.









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