A jungle stay in Puerto Princesa>

A jungle stay in Puerto Princesa>

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I know I say every place I visit is my favorite and everything I see is beautiful but it has all truly been unique and amazing. I realize now it would be impossible for me to choose which country I have liked the best up until now ( except Mexico duuh). That said. Welcome to the Philippines the most beautiful place on earth!!! 😉 I’ve heard so much of the Philippines over the year, having been a country conquered by the spaniards just us Mexicans were, we have always been best friends from afar. My first stop was the capital Manila and then off I was to Palawan, an island in the south of the country*. You can read more about my trip to the Philippines in the upcoming posts.

I am writing about my stay out here in Puerto Princesa because I’ve had several travelers contact me regarding recommendations on things to do and places to stay for their upcoming trips, particularly fellow backpackers in Asia. If you are booking ahead, you will find a few places listed online for stays in Puerto Princesa but rest assured there are many more stays in the city besides the one with an online presence. I did book ahead because I was arriving close to midnight and the rule is to never arrive in unknown territory in the dark without any references or places to stay. So I booked a place I found online and Bada Bing Bada Boom it was magic!  The place is called “Sheebang” -yes I thought of the Ricky Martin song too – and it is owned by a local women from the island, Judy. Everyone in town knows where this place is so worry not regarding how to get there!

Sheebang is one of the few if not the only stay in Puerto Princesa with a bar open 24/7 and a kitchen open until midnight. It might be pricier than the other yes but trust me, totally worth it when you have the guidance, hospitality, food, drinks and even a market in here to soothe any midnight cravings (For me it’s chips, not fries, baked chips.. if possible spicy ones #nomnom). A one stop hostel basically. And if you imagine the Philippines just as I did, with magnificent nature well, you have come to the right place because it was built in the middle of the jungle.. almost.. Okay, maybe I am exaggerating but it is surrounded and built around tropical trees and shrubs with bamboo huts, jungle showers and a bamboo bar. (I got you with the jungle shower huh? )It just made me feel like I was couchsurfing with Mr. Tarzan himself. Sleeping in the jungle.. why nooott.




The staff is very friendly and all English speaking which is a big plus. The staff will organize the tours or transport for you and will recommend the best things to do in town and the surrounding area. If you already have your itinerary planned, they will help you to its completion and ensure that you make the best of it. The hostel is in a more secluded area of town, upon arrival you will notice the town is small but there is one main street where most of the hostels and hotels are but it is always crowded and loud so if you are the more mellow *traveler, like myself, you can head out to Sheebang as a little retreat.  I recommend it, wether you book a dorm room for $* or a private room for $ * a night, rest assured you won’t be disappointed with the hospitality offered by Judy and her staff.

The airport is just a 10-15 minute drive from the hostel and the staff will also help you organize the transport to and from or if possible they will even drive you themselves. You can check out some pics below for the stay and read about WOOFing opportunities in Puerto Princesa by following the link.

Please visit Sheebang on Facebook for any other details on the stay or to contact them.

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