Thanks 25K, we have a gift for ya’ >> GIVEAWAY

Thanks 25K, we have a gift for ya’ >> GIVEAWAY



To ma’ ladies!! (guys coming soon stay stuned)

I have arrived in Florence, Italy. I have come here for a month to study Italiano and will be exploring the city for the second time this year. Exciting news for me.. and for you as well.. Want a free leather handbag??

To thank all you gals who follow my venture and have sent other girls towards the blog gratzie mille ragazze! To celebrate the 25K fellow traveler followers I am shipping out an Italian leather handbag to a one lucky winner. *See pics below


FullSizeRender 3


IMG_4513 2


*Genuine Italian Leather

Matte light grey finish with line textures

Gold pleated chain that can be used as a crossover or handbag and can be removed to use as a clutch.

**Winner will be announced on August 3rd 10:00 AM PST. So hurry up and get as many entries as possible. :)



How to enter:

1. If you are already following us on instagram, all you have to do is have ONE single friend of yours follow us and mention you in a comment on any of our giveaway pictures example: Comment on giveaway pic: @friendwhoinvitedme ( we will be posting pictures throughout the week)

2. If you are not following us on instagram all it takes to get an entry is follow us and comment the following hashtag on any of our giveaway pics #nvgiveaway4

>>You want more entries? Great, get us more friends to follow Nomads Venture. Each friend will be an extra entry.<<

3.Don’t even think about it.. the follow and unfollow will not work for the giveaway, we work with a third party company that analyzes our follows and unfollows and we will get a list the day after the giveaway of all of our unfollowers. Those unfollowers will be immediately removed from our giveaway list and won’t have a chance to enter the giveaway. So if your friend unfollowed us over the giveaway period you are both out of the sorting.

Please understand we do this because we want quality followers who truly enjoy our pictures and travel tips and will as well like to hear about Guerilla Packs awesome products.  So we ask that you invite people to our pages that you know are passionate about exploring the world. The blog was created for a community of travelers and we are not forcing anyone to follow us but we encourage these giveaways to find more explorers like ourselves and be able to share our experiences and information mutually.


Winner will be picked randomly through a third party software that ensures the draw for the giveaway has been done correctly (this is how we know who has unfollowed us BTW, so you won’t show up on the draw if that were the case).


*Gift will be sent via regular mail so depending on your location could be between 2 weeks and 2 months #ayayay.. it would get there for sure though.. We will send you a tracking number and proof of having sent shipment but being an international shipment even with insurance some things may go wrong and if that were to happen we apologize and promise to get your gift out to you as soon as possible but these things are out of our hands at sometimes so we only ask for your patience. Not that anything WILL happened or has happened, but you know we have to state this  for legal purposes. Some people can go cuckoo for that italian leather let me tell you.


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