Tune IN Kuala Lumpur..

Tune IN Kuala Lumpur..

Tune In



I recently visited Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia and let me tell you I was impressed! I didn’t really know what to expect of the city except of course for the famous Petronas Towers but other than that I had no clue what I was getting myself into and boy was I surprised. This is A city, THE city of the country. This is shopping paradise (for those not backpacking of course) from huge and luxurious malls to Chinatown and flea markets across town. It’s main focus is business and you can tell; the buildings make the city but there are also activities to enjoy nature outside of the city. The food is amazing and it ranges from the top rated, one of a kind dishes to some street food hidden in the alleys of the city. I wanted to stay in the center of the city, the busy side where I could easily walk everywhere but I assumed it would cost me a fortune and again, I was surprised to find that there are budget options that make you feel like you paid $300 a night. I found this hotel online in searching for something close to the airport. I had a flight leaving in two days at 5:30 AM so it would have been a nightmare to wake up at who knows what hours and drive all the way to the airport.




Petronas tower



I booked a room for my last night at Tune In KLIA2 (Kuala Lumpur International Airport for domestic or Air Asia flights). The hotel is a short walk out to the airport, you pretty much don’t leave the airport except for a two-minute walk down a tunnel that connects the airport and the hotel. The hotel even has an Air Asia check in machine at the lobby along with a 7-eleven INSIDE . If you are flying international, the KLIA airport is about 1 mile out and it is one of the closest ones at the best price trust me I did my research. Do you plan to stay in the city, well guess what, there’s a Tune In KL hotel as well an it’s right in the center of the city, a two-minute walk to a metro station. I had to tell you guys about this chain because it truly made my visit to KL the smoothest ever. The staff was great, specially I must give  Mark Abishua at KL location a little shout out and a big hug because I asked him a bizillion questions and required his help several times and he was my savior!  So if you have been backpacking for a while make sure to stay here for a little pampering and revamp with free wi-fi and free towels and toiletries.. Sounds ridiculous but trust me you don’t get those when backpacking, everything at budget hotels and hostels is ” one dollar more” so you learn to appreciate such little things.


It felt like staying at a $300 dollar night hotel except it fit the budget and was totally worth it! Big plus, the installations are great, not only clean and new but swanky 😉 (pics below). So come here for a relaxing and safe night’s sleep :) You guys can get more info from their website directly by following link.














Tune In Kuala Lumpur


Tune in KLIA2


Tune In KLIA2








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