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I was interviewed by One Globe Citizen as a part of their  Global Explorers partnership which basically showcases the story of world travelers about the way we see the world and the different cultures we immerse ourselves in when on the road. I wanted to share it with you guys so you could know a bit more about my journey and some of the things that have marked me the most.  I also take on this opportunity to share the One Globe Citizen Unification; dedicated to exposing the different cultures that surround us and the need for all of us to interact with each other, to unify into one world, into a One Globe Citizen. You can visit their site by following the link and know more about the project along with great articles and photographs of citizens of this world, of our world. You can read the article on Nomads Venture below or visit the original link to One Globe Citizen’s website.

Thanks OGC :)


Author: Brenden Dougherty

Holding dual citizenship in Mexico and America, Ana Abitia, the woman behind popular travel blog Nomads Venture,has always known a world of differing cultures. Mexicans are very proud of their vibrant culture and lively traditions, she says, whereas the U.S. was built as more of a cultural melting pot. Inspired by the beauty of the world’s diversity, she knew she wanted to see how the rest of the world lived.

Taking a page out one of her favorite novels, Heather McElhatton’s Pretty Little Mistakes, Abitia made the decision to eschew conventionality and head down a road of unknown exploration. Realizing the path ahead would mean sacrificing the well-established life she’d been building since graduating from San Diego State University, Ana began a year of simple living to save enough money to travel abroad.

Starting Out

Using Europe as her staging ground, Abitia began her adventure by exploring the continent that originated many customs found in the U.S. But it wasn’t long before she set off to explore the world beyond the familiar-feeling nations of Europe.

She has blazed her own trail from spice markets in Morocco to the antiquities of Rome, from the chaotic streets of India to the peaceful people of Sri Lanka. Her destinations are rarely premeditated and usually decided on a whim, informed by conversations she has with others who call the road their home. At times she has found the nomadic life to be intimidating and dark, but more often than not, she has felt a sense of inclusion and community.

In north Karnataka, a southern region of India, Abitia teamed up with LeaveURMark to provide assistance to local female artisans looking to sell their homemade goods. While spending time in this region, she learned that happiness transcends socio-economic status. Meeting with women who could barely afford the shoes on their feet, she found them to be a welcoming people who were intrinsically happy with what little they had. Watching the women of Karnataka had her asking herself: Can I be as happy with so little?

Cultural Lessons Come to Life

Abitia admits her travels have not always been easy, but she takes each experience as a cultural lesson and adapts to her surroundings. She’s picked up tricks and nuances to stay safe while exploring new places, such as donning rings on her feet and hands to imply that she is married and keep her from being identified as traveling alone.

All travelers should consider learning about and adapting to the cultures of places they travel to, she says.

“Tourists don’t know what they are getting into. … Do research into the countries you visit first.”

In addition, she has conditioned herself to dispose of judgmental habits and replace them with empathy and understanding. “We are all part of this world. We are all together in this,” she says. “We should all get together and meet one another and help each other out… But at least, we should know each other.”

Traveling the road has never been a lonely experience for Abitia. She continues exploring the globe with her eyes wide open, always on the lookout for the next person to meet and where her next journey might take her.




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