Zostel-ing >> Backpacking in India

Zostel-ing >> Backpacking in India

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Yes, Zostel is a hostel.. makes sense huh?

Anyways, before coming to India I had not heard of these guys but it was the hostel with the most reviews online and some friends I had met in Mumbai and the south of India had either heard of it or had stayed here so I figured it was a safe bet. I wanted to take the time to write about them because as a women-solo traveler you are always a bit skeptical of your stays; their location, the staff, safety, your dorm roommates, etc. and I can tell you that from having already traveled in the south of India for over five weeks and have had stayed in all sorts of hostels these guys come highly recommended.

Zostel is a backpacker hostel chain, and I added the “backpacker” because it’s not like the regular hostels or guest houses you stay in India, this is european style hostel with AC dorms, huge lockers, dining area, common area, computers, etc. Currently with locations in Jaipur, Udaipur, Varanasi, Goa, Delhi, Agra and Jodhpur that are very clean, comfortable, good locations (by good I mean safe and easy to get to) and just plain cool. I wanted to tell all of you guys out there, but specially the ladies, that if you are traveling within India this is the place to stay to receive all the support you need from the staff, to meet fellow backpackers and most importantly to feel safe at a reasonable price. It will make your life easier too to know you won’t need to search for stays if you visit these cities, a stay with Zostel is a guaranteed great time I promise. This is the one non-sketchy hostel I have stayed in India and they made me feel so welcome that I wanted to return the favor and post them up here.

Oh yeah, this is what I meant by “COOL”, check out their style on the pics below or you can also check out the website for more pics and info. Enjoy and thanks Zostel peeps.

















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