Getting pampered in Negombo >>

Getting pampered in Negombo >>

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Negombo is a town 35km from the capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo. It is sometimes known as “Little Rome” being that so much of the population has converted to catholicism; about two thirds to be precise. Known for its huge fishing industry and canals that connect the north and the south of the country. Negombo is a very unique spot to behold, with a varied history of architectural and commercial impact from other countries; it has been taken over by the Arabs, the Dutch and the Portuguese. It was due to this last one that most of the population is now catholic, and all because of the unique and abundant cinnamon that grew here in the area. The Dutch played a great role in what the city is today with their canals that connect  the country, for their unique architecture design and the fort being a main attraction in the city.


I was planning to only stay in Negombo for a one night and the only reason I was staying here to be honest was because my flight left very early the next morning and the airport is only a 10-20 min drive from the city. Turns out I ended up losing my flight out of Sri Lanka (and I don’t regret it one bit) and was going to stay one more week. But as soon as I stepped out of that room I realized how even more amazing this place was. So I booked a couple of days here in Ziegler Cottage instead. This is a family owned resort and I am not one to stay at resorts let me tell you but this was more of a home, like staying with family. The owners are the nicest people and they will pamper you, that’s the perfect worth for it, pamper to your ever needs. They have as part of the team an amazing chef what specializes in seafood so that’s a big plus! You literally do not have to leave this place at all!


The rooms and the entire stay are decorated to perfection to the minuscule detail with flowers and color everywhere. The dining area is followed by a beautiful garden with day beds shaded in part by tall palms and right behind them, the beach. I know I should’ve have been out and around town sightseeing and exploring but I was so comfortable here I decided to take a vacation from my vacation and just relax and let myself be pampered.. Ooops.. I don’t know much of what’s do in Negombo, I almost didn’t write about it because I felt so guilty I spent both days locked up in this place but if you want to relax for a bit in your own little private beach this is for sure the right spot. Take a break from all the craziness around town.


If you need any info on the stay please visit the resorts website my following link.

Ziegler Cottage

Negombo, Sri Lanka


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