Hansa Surf, Hikkaduwa

Hansa Surf, Hikkaduwa


So.. I lost a flight.. first one in this past five months I have to say I am impressed. I was supposed to go back to India to spend some time at the beach for a week and I was late for my flight in Sri Lanka and was basically forced to loose it. I arrived at the airport one hour and fifteen minutes before my flight but the staff at Sri Lanka Airport said I was supposed to arrive three hours earlier and by the time they decided I could go in to check in the gate for my Spice Jet flight had already closed and I hate to write bad reviews but I guess to publish these things is good for the community of travelers out there. Spice Jet won’t do anything to help or give you a credit/refund; they weren’t even available through their call center or at the office at the airport, not even answering the phone at the gate so imagine if this had been some sort of emergency. I was there for my flight an hour and fifteen minutes before the plane actually left  and no one could get me up there, Spice Jet said they closed their gate an hour before and when they mean by close is they lock up a door to a waiting area which starts boarding 15 minutes before the flight departs so again, I could’ve perfectly made it out in time if they had been willing or available to help.  The response from Sri Lanka airport staff was “You should’ve flown Sri Lanka Airlines and we would’ve have been able to get you on your flight”. So I guess if you guys want to make sure you can get on a plane no matter how early you are for your flight try to buy Sri Lankan airlines otherwise they have a little mafia going on in there to provide the worst service for any other airline and I would discourage you to purchase from Spice Jet, they are still a very new airline and it doesn’t seem like they have it all together yet. Unfortunately this is the only way to get into Sri Lanka, by plane, I would recommend flying Jet Airways or Qantas instead , my friends and I had no issue traveling out of Sri Lanka with them but still make sure you are at least two hour early.



Anyways!!  Enough with the venting.. I figured there was a reason behind me losing my flight and I wasn’t upset to be honest, it was just money. I was getting another week in this amazing country so how I could possibly complain. I went back to the beach, to a beach town in the south called Hikkaduwa and I was going to stay here for a whole week. Being that I had already lost some money on the flight I had to compensate and find a cheaper option for a stay at to balance out my budget and I found Hansa Surf – 1000 Sri Lankan Rupees a night (low season at least) – for some reason the name just got to me and I had a good feeling about this place so off I was. As soon as I got there I knew this was home, the staff was so nice and welcoming and the kitchen is run by two older women who are always smiling, always attending to your needs. I had recently gone through a difficult goodbye and this place just helped me feel at home with their great staff and good and affordable food. You don’t even need to leave the hostel if you didn’t want to but if you do have to the road is just steps away and the city is 5-10 minute walk. This place was packed as well, which is always good. If you want to find an affordable spot that covers all your needs AND a great spot to meet people head out here and take up surfing and if you already do well here it is:

There are 4 mani breaks: Locals Break, Main Peak, Hansa Surf Break and Beach Break. For the best waves head out during dry season; November-March.

The Surf house only had separate rooms no dorms, but at a very reasonable price as you can see you can get a room for about $10 USD, each with its own bathroom and shower. This is a three story building with hang out spots at each level, ping pong tables and the most important of all you step out of the hostel and you are touching the white sandy beach. There’s even cable TV if you follow any sports like myself, you can make sure you don’t miss a Barca game when out here. There are also surfboards for rent and surf lessons close by and the shops and banks are a 20 minute walk from here (5 min Tuk tuk ride).

Things to do in Hikkaduwa:

Well Hikkaduwa Beach of course!

Visit Tsunami Museum and along the way make sure to stop at:

Tsunami Honganji Vihara: Buddha statue sitting on the lake, donated by the Japanese to offer good luck after the Tsunami tragedy.

Scuba and Snorkeling: head out to Coral Beach, the best spot to see the most sea life but if you are going scuba diving make sure the program includes at least an hour of training before actually getting into the water. I unfortunately went for Baracuda dive and they trained us for 5 minutes only and it ended badly but I am sure you can find a better dive center.

Turtle Hutchery: you can visit and pet the turtles, help feed them and even help release the hatching turtles into the ocean BUT at a price of course. The attendants charge 500 Sri Lankan Rupees just to enter which I don’t think it’s worth it because you can pet and see the turtles out in the wild (read below) and if you want to release the baby turtles it has to be after 5-6 PM AND at an extra cost which the guy refused to disclose so I declined. But you are more than welcome to pay I was just plain broke that day.

Seenigama Muhudu Viharaya: the temple that sits in an island; nothing unique but it’s so serene and peaceful over here if you have time hand around for a bit.





You can also visit Unawatuna and Dewata Beach close by, I will post about it soon! :)

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  1. Hi!
    Thanks for this post, I enjoyed reading it!
    Im planning a trip to Sri Lanka in the next year, and I’m wondering if you could give me some advcice?! (if it’s not too much trouble)
    Firstly, how is it travelling as a woman in Sri Lanka? I have been warned to be careful in India, but am not sure about Sri Lanka. Should i avoid wearing strap tops and shorts?
    Secondly, how did you travel from place to place? Are the buses as bad as people say?!
    Lastly i’ve read some things about having to order food in advance, so if you want an evening meal you’d order it a couple of hours before. Is this true?
    Any advice you have would be great!
    Thank you!
    Happy blogging :)

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