Casablanca was quite a surprise for me I must say, the only reason I was passing through here was because I really good friend of mine from back home recommended I did so before heading out to Fes so I spent a day in the beautiful beach town of Casablanca. Casablanca is a port city and it’s nothing like the busy Marakech or Fes, it is characteristic of its colonial legacy and it’s more modern architecture. “A mixture of Mauresque architecture, some Moorish style and European art deco” as my tourist pamphlet put it, I won’t pretend I came up with that on my own but it’s true, that’s exactly what it is.


The first thing to check out here was the beach, of course, you know me! I never miss out on the beaches and they are always my priority. I don’t have much to say being that I only spent a day here but here goes what 15 hours in Casablanca gave me:












Hassan II Mosque

This is the most beautiful mosque I have ever seen! It stands majestically over the water,  a beautiful white mosque with intricate blue and turquoise tiles decorating the floors, part of the walls and structures. It gives you an instant peace that I can’t explain and I a not muslim. The architecture has a modern feel to it but yet it’s in the traditional Moroccan building structure.


As you know, only muslims are allowed in the building but for this unique beauty you are allowed to visit only on a guided tour which happens several times per day.


The Medina

If you are heading out to Marrakech or Fes the medina here in Casablanca won’t really make an impact as the other medianas; it is not as exotic or busy but it’s still a good place to walk around for a bit.









This is the beach district surrounded by restaurants, cafes and hotels on the shoreline. You can head out to several of the public beaches or stay at one of the fancy resorts and use the swimming pools. Up to you. (Beach, beach, beach!!) It’s a good place to go out for a run if you feel like working out a bit if not you can just go to the beach and enjoy the sun for a bit.

















The Central Market

This is where locals come and shop, in the city center. It’s more of a produce market than anything but very much worth the visit, the colorful veggies and spices on sale will take you on a fantastic journey of aromas and sights. There are also several other vendors selling leather goods, some clothing and home accessories or decor. Head out to Rue Allal Ben Abdallah to visit.


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