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Indu-Rock > Join the movement

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I’ve created a whole new movement.. Indu-Rock who’s in???


Just kidding, I really wanted to tell you guys about Bindi, the red mark on my forehead. Bindi, from the Sanscrit meaning ” a drop” is worn in South Asia particularly in India and Nepal as a red dot in the middle of the forehead right in between the eyebrows. Traditionally men and women wear the bindi on the sixth chakra, ajna, to retain energy and strengthen concentration. It would be applied every morning before leaving the house by applying a pinch of vermilion powder into a perfect dot.

It has many meanings to different people depending on the traditions they follow:

-It represents honor and prosperity

-Some women only use it to enhance their beauty

-In meditation, the spot between the eye brow called Bhrumadhya is where on focuses his or her sight so the dot would help with concentration.

-It represents intellect and the worship of learning

I see it all over India; men, women and even children wearing it but I wouldn’t exactly know why they wear it unless I asked them. But I believe in general is more a spiritual tradition of well being and chakra energy every morning. I started doing it myself in India but I just got more stares than I usually did so I will just remain a one man wolfpack Indu-Rocker .



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