How to wear a Saree >>

How to wear a Saree >>

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A saree is a traditional female garment worn mostly in the southern part of Asia that basically consists of yardage, between 5 and 9 yards in length usually,  that is wrapped around the waist and draped across one shoulder. Women wear it many times with loose pants underneath and a short blouse as a top for under the draping.

There are several ways to wear a saree, especially in different parts of the country and depending in the tradition each  women was raised in. There are also several different types of fabrics used depending on the weather and there will be several different motifs used for each saree and for every special occasion and holiday.







Sarees vary very much in price depending on the quality of of the fabric and the amount of embroidery it has, if any. It can be as low as 300 Rupees up to thousands and thousand of Rupees.  It is for weddings that sarees are particularly woven with much more detail and brighter colors and can take up to months to finish it. A simple saree with a couple of embroidery motifs will take an artisan about one month so imagine the amount of work involved in further detailed embroideries. Check out some embroidery examples below as well as a video of a one way to wear a saree.









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