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Tips on staying fit & healthy while traveling >>

Tips on staying fit & healthy while traveling >>





In collaboration with ma’ girls at XuxoHealing we have come up with the best tips and advice on how to stay fit and as healthy as possible so you can make the most of your adventures. I am sure we are all explorers our heart and our passion to see the world pushes a on a daily basis to explore more and more BUT if you don’t have the energy and the strength needed for this lifestyle, if your body is not prepared to so many changes like: lack of sleep, jetlag, time difference, weather, altitude, different nutrition amongst many other factors, your traveling won’t be as enjoyable or as adventurous as you want it to be.


So, lets keep in mind that we must maintin our bodies in the best shape possible and eat what will make our bodies the most efficient.Here are the 10 most important tips we have for you when on the road:


1. Stay hydrated

Keeping your body hydrated is your number one concern while on the road. The lack of water could shut down your body and mind completely.  By staying hydrated you maintain a happy digestive system and your energy levels up.  Drink more water than your body is used to back at home, I would say the minimum is 48 Oz a day but it will also depend on the weather and the type of activities you will be partaking in so, make sure to pay attention to your water levels. Whenever your body asks you for water, whenever you are thirsty basically, you’ve allowed it to go too far without water it is not supposed to get to that point so make sure you are constantly taking little sips of water. I carry my refillable water bottle everywhere and refill as much as possible so I always have it on hand.


Another way to stay hydrated is to eat fruits that keep you hydrated like:

Cucumbers with a 96% water content, the highest content for any solid food. Either add it to your salad or carry it in your bag as a snack.

Lettuce with a 95% of water level, it might not have the most fiber content but it does water. So make sure you are stopping for a quick salad lunch every once in a while, add some cherry tomatoes to your salad with 94% water content and even more water on your plate.

Celery, even though I don’t like it unless it has peanut butter on top :S, it is very good for you containing not only a 95% water content but a bunch of vitamins that your body needs. It is also lightweight so you can have some in your bag and eat throughout the day to curb your appetite as well.

Watermelon, ma favoritee!! Make sure to have this as a snack after meals not only does it provide a 92% water level it is also sweet and will reduce the sugar cravings after each meal or during the day. Same thing for strawberries, snack on these as well. Remember your body works on sugar and you will be burning more calories than usual so this is a healthy way to give your body the good sugars.

Coconut Water, of course! it’s like the natural gatorade that will provide you with instant energy and hydration. It contains everything you need during the day, some carbs (sugar), potassium, electrolytes and water. Plus you can snack on the fruit as well.



2. Eat Local fruits & veggies

Wise mother nature will grow fruits and vegetables that correspond to the body’s needs according to the weather. Why do you think there are so many coconuts in tropical areas where its freakin’ hot?? So depending on the country or continent you are in, you will come across some exotic fruits and veggies, give them a try, not only to stay hydrated to get a taste of the culture as well.



3.Almonds will keep you alive

 Throughout the day, eat about 5 almonds three times a day.  They are a great snack to keep you energized and nourished in your traveling due to their content of manganese and copper. It will help you in relieving stress and controlling your mood swings making you feel good. Their fatty acids will actually lowers risk of gain weight by reducing the rise of blood sugar after meals.


4. Eat Dark Chocolate

Yep, you read correctly, eat dark chocolate with a high concentrate of cocoa. It is a great practical snack to carry in your purse and  increases blood flow to the brain and to the heart leading a better cognitive functioning. It is a high concentrate of antioxidants that will help with your digestion and once absorbed by the body it protects your skin from the sun.  Plus who doesn’t like chocolate!!!


5. Cook for yourself

Whenever you have a chance to do it , cook for yourself! Try cooking grains, add olive oil, olives, tomatoes, salt,pepper and local species. You can try this simple recipe with pretty much all grains such as cous cous, quinoa and farro, with a small salad or veggies on the side.  Your stomach and your wallet will thank you and you’ll be at home for once, you will even want to clean the dishes I can guarantee you!


6. Earthing

Of course we get a lot of our energy from the sun, but we also absorb energy from the earth. Earthing basically means being barefoot, connecting with nature and recharging your body with the energy of the earth.  No matter where you are, take your shoes off and recharge. It doesn’t have to be the actual soil- grass, sand, concrete and dirt are great conductors of energy. Avoid wood, vinyl or asphalt though, those are not good conductors of energy. Connecting with the earth will reduce inflammation,  will make you feel rested, helps reduce high blood pressure,  reduces stress and  will give you more energy to keep exploring and enjoying your travels. It will also make you sleep better and improve your posture, we spend so much time strapped into leather or vinyl (shoes) that our feet just need a break and need to breath and mold themselves to the surfaces sustaining our weight.


7. Sleep

Make sure you are getting enough sleep, your body needs to rest in order to function properly so make sure you are getting between 6-7 hours, at least 6 hours. I read a study recently that explained that people who slept 7 hours per day instead of eight lived longer lives. It is just a matter of getting your body used to the amount of hours of sleep you can give it but it really does need at least six hours so make sure you take earplugs and eye mask to ensure nothing disrupts your sleep, especially when staying at hostels and sharing rooms.


8. Walk

You don’t even have to try, if you are traveling you are guaranteed some long walks so enjoy them, embrace them! Instead of taking a cab or bus go for a walk instead. Not only will you activate your metabolism and help your digestion by walking you will also get to see more of the cities you are in, you will find the hidden spots you don’t get to see from a car or bus.


9. Workout day

Yes you need a one day a week to work out a bit, I understand you are traveling and would rather spend your day out exploring but you only need to dedicate one hour a week to working out and making your body sweat. You don’t need a gym, you can workout at the hotel/hostel or head out to the closest park. Do a half hour of cardio: swimming, running or whatever you prefer and then use your body as weights and workout those much needed muscles during travel like your arms, your core, your thighs. You could just do some pushups, lunges and planks for twenty thirty minutes and you are all set for the week.


10. Ginger tea

Ginger will help you boost your immune system so a cup of tea a day will reduce the risk of catching a cold or getting sick. Buy some ginger at a local shop and put some shavings into your hot water and leave it in there the whole time you are drinking, the more the water absorbs ginger’s nutrients the better! If possible, add some cinnamon to it, cinnamon is a hot food that will complement ginger in acting as a defense and antimicrobial.


Sounds like a lot but it is not! Start with one tip at least and you will start seeing results right away, you will start to sleep better and feel better I promise.

Stay healthy fellow travelers!


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