Biking Rome with The Yellow Guides>>

Biking Rome with The Yellow Guides>>

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If you have been following my travels on the blog or instagram, I was recently in Italy and spent a couple of days in Rome. I unfortunately could not stay longer due to some commitments but let me tell you it is totally worth a long stay, especially when you’re staying at a cool hostel with awesome people and amazing food throughout the city.. well.. don’t even get me started on food!

Anyways, I wanted to tell you guys about a bike tour I signed up for when I was in Rome, you know I always recommend to walk or bike around the town just so you get to see more of the city and find those hidden places you wouldn’t see on the bus or metro and of course compensate a little workout to all the pasta and pizza you will be eating over here. With the limited time I had, I decided to sign up for a bike tour to get the most of my day. The hostel I was staying at ,“The Yellow” conveniently had a bike tour all set up with The Yellow Guides and they provide the bikes, which are either in perfect condition or brand new and you’ll get to tour Rome with the coolest guides, at least Kevin, my guide, was the best.

It’s not like the usual bike tours you’ve had I am sure, it is certainly focused on a more casual approach, which I really enjoyed by the way, it felt like biking around with friends rather than on a tour. You get all the necessary facts without getting bored, because let’s face it, many tour guides just make it impossible for you to stay interested. You will enjoy the history of Rome way better by  visiting the historic sites and also getting interesting facts along the way which make the city way more unique than you’d imagine. The guides are truly passionate about this city and will do their best to make you fall in love with it as well. They are very knowledgeable about everything Rome, seriously! There wasn’t a single question Kevin, my guide,  couldn’t answer.

You will bike out for about four or five hours, it sounds like a long time but it  goes by so quick with all you’ll get to see! It is very much worth it because you will visit most of the important and historic sites if not all, and also roam around the different neighborhoods, parks and alongside the river. You will even stop by to eat some amazing local food and sit at the Spanish steps or parks to take breaks. It makes you feel like you were a local cruising around in your bike for the day, and after the tour you will probably know more about the city than any other local in town. A must when in Rome! If you stay at their hostel, The Yellow, you can get all the info there if not you can contact them on their website or facebook page.

Check out the video below so you can get an idea of what the tour looks like, trust me you’ll have a blast.

Fore more info on the tours or the hostel itself visit:

The Yellow Hostel

The Yellow Rome Guide

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