Volunteering in India >> LeaveURmark

Volunteering in India >> LeaveURmark


If you’ve been following NV on instagram, you’ve probably noticed I’ve made it to the Asian continent and my first stop was Bengaluru in India. Why? Well I should tell you that my initial idea behind the trip was to volunteer at some point or possibly teach English somewhere. I think travel is rewarding itself, but the experience would be far more valuable when giving your complete time and mind to learn from the locals about their culture. So I was invited to volunteer with LeaveURmark in Bengaluru  and I am incredibly grateful that I was contacted because it was just what I needed and the location was perfect, this is my first time in India.


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What I really liked about this organization is that it’s of course about “leaving your mark” but the varied programs they have selected for us volunteers actually end up leaving more of a mark on you, which I think is what you really want to get out of volunteering. Their programs call for interns and volunteers who want to further develop their careers as well as individual and community growth. LeaveURmark works with several professional organizations, start-ups, non-profits, and NGOs that are working for the betterment of India. You don’t come here to save the day, you come here to mutually improve by exchanging knowledge, culture and experiences that will make you and the organization you are volunteering or working at a better one.

Not only will you learn a lot  more of the culture and about India in general by hanging with out with locals most of the time, you will learn a lot from the work you do around here. And of course, it’s not all work and no play, LeaveURmark encourages you to go out and explore India and they will help with organizing if needed. You will have time after work and during the weekends to go out on a hike, or visit the various parks and gardens or even take a weekend trip to the close beaches or temple cities.



I will be volunteering here for about a month and I will posting about my experience, about the project I am working with, about the fun things to do India and most importantly, I will be documenting what the volunteers are doing during their time here and expose what their being here helped the organization as well as how this new culture has helped them in learning and experiencing.



Stay posted for more pics. You can follow the link below for more info on the organization.

LeaveURmark and you can also follow on instagram or facebook.



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