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Surfing Etxea >> The Surf house that made me fall in love with San Sebastian.

Surfing Etxea >> The Surf house that made me fall in love with San Sebastian.

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I give you Surfing Etxea, the Surf House that made me fall in love with San Sebastian-Donostia in the northern part of Spain, in the Basque region. You can read more about San Sebastian by following the link to our page, there you will find an itinerary, recommendations on things to do and good spots to head out for some awesome food.




I wanted to take the time and post about this hostel,  it truly deserved its own little  spread. Ran by two local surfers, with two locations by the best surfing beach in San Sebastian, Playa Zurreola. They offer kickass installations with the beach vibe you need around here: cool people, awesome surf and beach inspo, breakfast included and complete and total freedom. You are basically given the keys to your home. This is what Surf Etxea stands for, “home” in Basque. Surf home. Your own little home-away-from home.

Each room has their own locker where you can actually fit your suitcase in #winning..



I’ve been to hostels were lockers barely even fit a laptop so bravo kids!  Clean showers and restrooms, balcony and patios, a kitchenette, common areas and comfortable mattresses which after traveling for over eight weeks, trust me it’s important!! The area itself encourages interaction with other guests, so if you are into meeting people, you’ve come to the right place. The complete vibe here is awesome, you are literally home.


habita pequen_a 1 (1)



The staff is at your disposition at all times of course, but they are also into giving you your space and letting you get comfortable. It’s not the typical hostel with a reception and a 24/7 staff appointed, not that it’s a bad thing but it just feels like a hotel-hostel, here you come in and out as you please, like renting a house for you and your new friends. Don’t worry, the staff will make sure you always have everything you need and they are only steps away if you ever need anything.





Run by fellow explorers of the world that truly understand the wants and needs of backpackers and budget travelers, you’ll find everything you might need here.

The hostel provides other pretty awesome services :

-Surf sessions/classes for all levels and providing all the necessary equipment for rent

-Paddleboard and kayak tours

-Board, Bike and skate rentals

-Boat trips to awesome surf spots around the Basque region

-Fishing trips

-Free hugs and kisses.. kidding! they totally would though.. if you ask nicely maybe..

Screenshot 2015-03-02 21.35.03


Like I said, not only are these guys fellow adventurers ,they are in general just passionate people. Passionate about their hometown, passionate about the ocean and the activities it offers, passionate about amazing waves and surfing and basically passionate about life. Always smiling, always giving out the best energy.

If you have any questions about the hostel please make sure to check out their website by following this link, Surfing Etxea and you can contact them directly. Or if you just like their vibe make sure to add them on facebook and instagram for awesome pics:

>Pics of the amazing San Sebastian

Screenshot 2015-03-02 21.36.46

Screenshot 2015-03-02 21.33.28

Screenshot 2015-03-02 21.30.24

>Pics of awesome waves


Screenshot 2015-03-02 21.32.30



Screenshot 2015-03-02 21.32.05



>Some motivational quotes in there too.


Screenshot 2015-03-02 23.34.38



Screenshot 2015-03-02 21.31.45

>Some fun stuff


Screenshot 2015-03-02 21.35.42



Screenshot 2015-03-02 21.36.05




>Some more surf inspo


Screenshot 2015-03-02 21.30.42











>Some other cool surf spots like.. Costa Rica

Screenshot 2015-03-02 21.37.20



Or Nicaragua


Screenshot 2015-03-02 21.37.46


Or somewhere in France..


Screenshot 2015-03-02 21.37.32



And ladies.. it’s not all surf and waves, there’s obviously also some hot surfer pics.

Screenshot 2015-03-02 21.32.54

Screenshot 2015-03-02 21.35.26



Screenshot 2015-03-03 07.22.16

There’s a bit of everything for everyone. Keeping the world a happier place.

If you guys have any other questions you know you can always email me at info@nomadsventure.com. I will be back here in the summer so if you plan to visit soon let me know, maybe we’ll meet here!


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