A 5 night hostel stay giveaway!!

A 5 night hostel stay giveaway!!

That’s right, a five nights stay at any hostel of your choosing anywhere in the world, for current or future travel plans on us!

Being fervent travelers ourselves, we understand that the most expensive part of the trip is many times, the stay, and we know that five nights makes a difference in your plans.

We have partnered up with certain hostels we have worked with to make reservations and make payments for you to just sweep in and jump into a bed for free but, you get to choose your hostel so we might not be affiliated with the one of your choosing which is fine. We will make it work for you and if all fails and we can’t seem to pay the hostel directly we will send you the money via Venmo or Paypal or if you have any other suggestions of how to send the money to your location we are open to that as well.


The five nights have a limit of $20USD dollars per night with tax and fees included so that means we are giving away $100 USD dollars worth of hostel stays. It’s up to you wether you rather stay at a hostel or even hotel for $100 a night, or two nights or if you want to rough it and stay at a $5 USD dollar a night hostel  for 20 nights. You decide, we want to help you on your trip and hopefully have you explore some more.

Giveaway starts NOW!! Sunday February 22nd and ends on Febuary 25th at 11:59 PM PST. The winner will be announced on February 26th on our instagram account so stay tunned!


Here’s how to enter and please read complete instructions:

1. If you are already following us on instagram, all you have to do is have ONE single friend of yours follow us and mention you in a comment on any of our giveaway pictures just a mention!( we will post about 6 pics throughout the 3 days )

2. If you are not following us on instagram all it takes to get an entry is follow us and comment the following hashtag on any of our giveaway pics #nvgiveaway

>>You want more entries great, get us more friends to follow us. Each friend will be an extra entry.<<

3.Don’t even think about it.. the follow and unfollow will not work for the giveaway, we work with a third party company that analyzes our follows and unfollows and we will get a list the day after the giveaway of all of our unfollowers. Those unfollowers will be immediately removed from our giveaway list and won’t have a chance to enter the giveaway. So if your friend unfollowed us over the five day giveaway period you are both out of the sorting.

Please understand we do this because we want quality followers who truly enjoy our pictures and travel tips as well as we do theirs so we ask that you invite someone to follows us who truly is passionate about traveling or travel pics. As you can see we follow a lot of people even though all the marketing strategies say otherwise and that is because we like to stay in the loop of who’s traveling the world out there. The blog was created for a community of travelers and we are not forcing anyone to follow us but we encourage these giveaways to find more explorers like ourselves and be able to share our experiences mutually.


If you have any concerns or questions about the giveaway please send us an email at info@nomadsventure.com


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