An express visit to Algarve Region, Faro >>

An express visit to Algarve Region, Faro >>



Due to my extra day in Lisbon and I flight I had to catch, I didn’t make it out to Faro to explore fully. I only had a half day dedicated to Faro now. The Algarve region, the south of Portugal, houses the best and most beautiful beaches worldwide. Unfortunately I was only able to check one of them out, Praia de Faro, the main beach about twenty minutes from town. To get there from the train station, walk towards your right and keep going straight for about 1 mile, you will see the bus station around here, just so you keep it in mind in case you are moving via Bus onto your next destination. Cross the street from the bus station and there is a local bus stop that will drop you off at the beach for about five euros. Because of my limited time here I payed for a cab to take me instead because the bus lines are not very practical, they run at very weird times and not very often and what worried me the most is that local said it might not drive by the beach today and I couldn’t risk it. I only had a one chance of leaving Faro today out to my next destination. But, like I said before the bus or even a boat ride will be way cheaper.





If you were to keep walking one more mile from the bus station along the wetlands you will reach the marina, you will see all the boats anchored here so you can’t miss it.  If you keep going further down the street you will see a row of restaurants and bars and also, tour guides offering you boat rides along the island. Which, if you have time, I highly recommend you take because it’s about twenty euros and the ride passes and stops at all of the four islands down here. I was reading about it and the Algarve region has one main beach, Praia de Faro, and the rest are four islands contained  in between the wetlands and beach. They are Deserta, Barreta, Faro and Farol Islands. Keep in mind that you can only get here via boat though, the only beach will be the one I mentioned earlier Faro Beach.





So I spent a nice day at the beach, the water was cold, California cold, I was honestly expecting it to be warmer but I still went in, had a little swim, read part of my book and basically just relaxed for a couple of hours here. I had made arrangements with the cab driver to come pick me up in two hours because just FYI, there are no buses or taxis by the beach, I was there for fours hours and saw no single cab or bus approaching. The bus just makes its rounds but who knows at what time it will show up and taxis are not stationed there, you have to call them to come pick you up.









I came back from the beach with some time left and went for a walk in the town, and this is a very small beach town, it’s cute you’ll love it. Walk down the alleys to see some cool doors, sorry I have this thing for doors if you haven’t noticed from my collection of pictures! You will also find some hidden restaurants with great food and some cool street art as well. This is all I can really say about Faro, being that I was here for a half day, but from what I’ve read and heard of friends, you head out to Faro for the beach. So, enjoy!

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