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And so Nomads Venture finally comes to a start!! You might think this is weird being that I have been posting about my travels for almost a year but the idea behind the travel blog and what really made me start writing came from a trip I have been meaning to do for a long time and finally made it possible. I have been traveling for a long time with friends, family and by myself but never for longer than a month.  Yesterday, January 18th I embarked on what I hope will be a 6 month or longer trip out to Europe and Asia. I have saved up some money and will be traveling for as long as my savings will take me so currently I will be focusing on this trip and post about places I visit, people I meet, design, nature and pretty much everything that I consider to be unique.




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Yes, I know, you might be thinking it’s such a cliche: quit your job, go travel the world, go “find yourself” but that is not the case with me. I have been wanting to do this trip since I was out of college and just never made the time for it or always found an excuse not to go; new job, boyfriend, family, etc. I have been wanting to take this trip not to find myself but to learn from the rest of the world, to open my mind to more experiences, more perspectives, and particularly to get to know more about art and design around the world. Being a designer, I am in search of experiencing creativeness at its fullest and getting to know people who love art and design as much as I do as well as finding people who create art. I have a business in mind as soon as I get back and this trip will help me in making it as unique as possible and will inspire me to always keep creating and innovating.

I do have to admit that the trip also came from a much needed break, I have been working since I was 16 and have never stopped working for more than two weeks so this trip will be the sabbatical I never took. A break from work, a break from a routine, a break from the world, just, being.. not worrying about time or things to do. Just being. Just enjoying. Just seeing.

Other than a full time designer, I love being outdoors, so you will also being seeing a lot of pics out there! :)

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If you are in the area and want to meet up or can let me sleep in your couch please do contact me, I will be posting about my current location .

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