A 5 day stay in San Felipe, Baja

A 5 day stay in San Felipe, Baja







San Felipe is located in the Gulf of California, housing the amazing Mar de Cortes in Baja California North. It is considerer Mexicali’s municipality but it is a 3 hour drive from Mexicali or Calexico, CA. The bay is 3 Mts above sea level, with a very low tide that can extend up to 2KM. It’s a very small town with approximately 15-20 thousand inhabitants and mostly are foreigners, US or Canadian citizens who have a second home here or have retired in this location.

This isn’t really an itinerary but ideas on what to do, five days is more than enough for a leisure trip so you can decide when and which activity you pursoe.


















Where to Stay >>

I was staying at El Dorado Ranch which is a residential community with a gulf course and country club  about 15 miles before San Felipe and I got this through a local online site that allows you to find houses for rent mostly during the holidays, you can follow link or you can also check out airbnb, there are many options to rent a whole house or just a room. And if not, there’s a hotel literally every 5-10 miles so no problem there.





















Things to do >>

-Head out to Shell Beach to collect 3-5 inch diameter shells and silver dollars! It is on KM 26, if you are staying at El Dorado Ranch, it’s a 3 mile walk on the beach heading south. When you stop seeing sand and only huge shells, you’ve arrived.

-Rent out some ATV’s or Jetskies, or maybe both! and head out to the beach or with the ATV’s you can head out to the road to or from San Felipe, there are motorcycle tracks and jumps alongside the road. There are several beach entrances so depending on where you are make sure you check with locals on which is the nearest to you but for sure there is on at Pete’s Camp, all the RV campsites and at the pier. Hourly price $25-50 depending on ATV of your choosing and where you rent it from. There are several spots to check out for rentals, you will see them from the road but you can also check the website San Felipe Off Road







-Rent out paddle boards and had out to the ocean, there are very little waves so it’s a very relaxing activity.

-For a day trip head out to “Valle de los Gigantes”(Valley of the giants) This is a 20 Km drive south-west from San Felipe. Home to a forest of 20-60 ft tall cacti. You will see signs up along the road for “Valle de los gigantes” o Mision de los Sahuaros. Cost per vehicle $10USD


















-Take a walk down the “Malecon” in downtown San Felipe.There are over 20 seafood restaurants and shops and across the street you can get a great view of San Felipe and the bay.























-You can take the hike up to “Catedral de Nuestra SeƱora de Guadalupe” Its no more than 30 min back and forth; you get the best view of the town from up here.








-Go fishing!! You will have to check with locals on where the best fishing spot is close to you, there are several! But depending on your location and season there are different great spots. You can rent out all equipment in San Felipe and I believe they will offer you a guided fishing tour for about $20.00 USD per hour. (If you don’t know the are this might be a good idea, plus you get on a boat!)

-Another fun thing to is clam fishing, literally just head out the beach when the tide is low and literally dig in your hand and voila! The goal is to find the clam bank and then you’ve hit the jackpot, if not just look for the tiny bubbles all over the moist sand and you will find something for sure. I highly advise to bring a little shovel, it will speed things up.








Roads are very safe, if you plan to brink your toys (jet skies, boats ATV’s) the road is pretty much straight all the way from Mexicali to San Felipe so no need for expertise!













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