How to get the best online deal on airfare>>

How to get the best online deal on airfare>>

I have to admit I almost didn’t want to share this info because it’s a very very sneaky way to get lower prices on airfare and the more people that start using this little trick the more the airlines will start noticing and put a stop to it, but.. here goes, I’m paying it forward! #travelkarma






The gist of it all is to log into airline website’s with a different IP address to reflect your current location as another country where flights are cheaper from, for example, flying to India from Arabia instead of India from California ($300 USD difference). You do have to know a bit about computers and how to change or disguise your IP address (will post on this particular procedure later on or you are welcome to shoot me an email and I will forward step by step instructions) or you can just log into the airlines or search engines from another country for example (Japan’s site) or (Mexico’s site) by using an “incognito/private” tab on your browser. You will have to change the language on the site once you are in, unless you of course speak the foreign language then props to you, you are one step ahead.


The way to get the best price is to base off your flight from several country’s websites to compare which one is cheaper. Some countries will want to attract tourism from certain areas and have very very low and discounted airfare for certain periods of time but there is no way to know when or where from for sure so check three to four sites to ensure you get the best deal.


You then search for your flight, add it to your cart and voila!(prices won’t be in USD but just calculate with any online currency converter). Many sites won’t take certain debit or credit cards so make sure you use one that will work in “foreign” countries and by the way, you probably will be charged a small fee of $1-5.00 USD depending on your credit card company’s foreign transaction fees policy.


I have not explored this procedure fully but I can tell you a got a $350 USD one way flight to London from Los Angeles, when average price is $800 USD with this method and I have purchased several flights between Europe and Asia and got very good deals as well. I will post some more when I have more practice and give you guys some extra tips but until then please make sure you do read the fine print because you are buying from a different country’s website and we are not used to their procedures and regulations.

Happy flying!





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  1. We have practiced ordering tickets from French air websites before in French class at school (we had to plan a fake vacation to another country)! I will definitely be using this tip, thanks!

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