Travelgram Tuesday >> A trip to Boulder, CO

Travelgram Tuesday >> A trip to Boulder, CO


Street art by Gary Hirsch “Bot Stories” on 13th St.





I had been to Denver a couple of years back but didn’t get the chance to check out Boulder. I have a friend who is from there and kept telling me to visit and I never took the time and I am glad I did on this recent visit, Boulder was my favorite place in Colorado, it’s not such a big city as Denver, it is way more quite sitting at the very foot of the mountains as well. I liked Boulder the best because it has both outdoorsy activities as well as hip-urban activities. I was only there for a day and it was enough to make me fall in love! :)




Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art








Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art







Street art by Gary Hirsch on 13th St.









It is an hour drive away from Denver so if you are in town please make time to head out here. (Check out our post on things to do in Denver as well :) )The day started with a hike out to the  “FlatIrons” , made famous for their varied range of rocks; ranging from easy (5.0) to world-class (5.14b). If you plan to hike up the top it probably takes about 1-1.5 hours round trip and it is not very strenuous (except for the last five minutes). I have to say I prefer the view from the bottom hahah because the whole point of these mountain is the slanted orientation of the rocks and you can see this way better from the bottom then from the top but you do get an awesome view of the town and you can see some of  Red Rocks Park.



Boulder (20)








Boulder (23)






Boulder (24)





I was very insistent on having breakfast at this place I had found on pinterest called the Dushanbe tea house, ind I got to their website to find out more about them and I though the story behind the place makes it an important place for tourists to visit. The Teahouse was constructed in Dushanbe, Tajikistan as a gift to their sister city, Boulder. It was disassembled, crated up, and sent halfway around the world to be rebuilt in Boulder as a symbol of friendship and cultural exploration. Plus they offer any type of tea you can imagine, even some hand picked by monkeys (or so they claimed but I’d like to believe it’s true) and if you can make it, they also offer the traditional afternoon tea ceremony from 3-5 PM. And, you have to admit the decor is amaze balls, it doesn’t even feel like you are in the US. Check some pics below. A block from the tea house you will find the BMoCA and some cool street art work by Gary Hirsch called Botstories.



Boulder (17)

Dushanbe tea house





Boulder (18)

Dushanbe tea house






Boulder (19)

Dushanbe tea house





Boulder (21)

Dushanbe tea house




After breakfast we headed to walk around town to the main street: Pearl St which turns into a little mall around 16th street. Everything is super cute, mostly local retail (if you head out to the “mall” part you will find more commercial-franchise stores) and coffee shops. I friend of mine told me I had to check out this poster place, “The Poster Scene”  and it is the best store EVER! They have every poster you could ever want, I got myself a couple of Pink Floyd and Nirvana posters for $6.00 and if you are quite the avid collector they have the pricier-unique posters as well. We also got to check out a little collective called on Pearl St. which I highly recommend you check out. They have a restaurant at the very back and patio ( I didn’t have lunch here but everything looked and smelled deliiish!) at the very front of the store there is a really good coffee place and throughout the store, unique handcrafted pieces and gifts, artisanal cooking items and some other home decor items. Right across the street from the market, right next to Skratch Labs there is a really cool mural by dalekart you should check out as well (picture below, pink rays). And for a good spot to eat try “Pizzeria Locale” and try the four cheese pizza #nomnom




Boulder (13)

Pizzeria Locale on Pearl St





Boulder (14)

Pearl St






Pearl St






Boulder (15)

Pearl St – Street art by Dalek Art






Boulder (16)

The Poster Scene on Pearl St






Boulder (7)

The Poster Scene on Pearl St





After a walk around town, close to 5 pm we head out to our final destination in Boulder, the Red Rocks Park (about 10 minutes from flatirons). I am sure you have heard of this place but for their amphitheater, where artists like Sting, The Beatles and U2 have played and why here you might ask, it is the only naturally-occurring, acoustically perfect amphitheater in the world. So, you can’t miss this kids. You can drive out all the way to the theater at the top or you can take any of the hiking trails that will lead you to the theater. There are several hikes, some shorter than others of course, so you can start the trail wherever you want. All rocks have a calcification in very pronounced layers and have a unique reddish tone to them which gave way to their name of course. Locals told us besides the music of course, a lot of people come and work out at the open theater and they have all sorts of events besides concerts, like movie nights. It is truly a unique place to visit and hopefully get to experience some music or movies here one day. Try to schedule your trip to check them out!



Boulder (3)

Red Rocks Park






Boulder (9)

Red Rocks Park





Boulder (10)

Red Rocks Park








Boulder (4)

Red Rocks Park






Boulder (11)

Red Rocks Amphitheater











Boulder (5)

Red Rocks Amphitheater






Boulder (6)

Red Rocks Amphitheater



We drove out to Carbondale (Aspen direction) because we were visiting a friend and it is like 3 hours away, but on the way you can stop at Vail as well and Glenwood Springs. Check out upcoming posts 😉





Cliff Notes >>


Things to do in Boulder: 

-Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art

-Walk around 13th Street

-Visit Pearl Street mall

-Take some pics with awesome street art

-Hike Flatirons

-Visit Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater


Foodie Nation:

-Pizzeria Locale

-Dushanbe Tea House


Close cities to visit West direction:

Denver (1 hr  drive from Boulder)

-Vail (1hr 40 min drive from Boulder)

-Glenwood Springs (2 hr 24 min from Boulder 1 hr drive from Vail)

-Carbondale (2 hr drive from Boulder 20 min from Glenwood)

-Aspen (3 hr drive from Boulder 25 min drive from Carbondale)




-Buy a poster at “The Poster Scene”

-Take pics with awesome street art on 13th street and on Pearl St.



So this are my recommendations for a one day in Boulder if you are there for more days trust me there is a lot more to check out! This where just my personal interests I guess. Check out Boulder’s Website for more suggestions on things to do and stay tuned for our posts on close cities to Denver and a complete trip to Colorado.









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