A tattoo is not a mark, it's a reminder; What my tattoos represent in my life.

A tattoo is not a mark, it's a reminder; What my tattoos represent in my life.

You guys have been asking about my tattoos lately  so in honor of all your questions, here is the first official “Tattoo Tuesday” post.

So, tattoos.. How it all started..

I am from Mexico and as you know we are known to be quiet the religious folks. I went to an all girls catholic school all the way up to high school so I am sure you can imagine what my family’s reaction is to tattoos. I am a designer, forever intrigued with the world, always asking questions, always wanting to see, to learn and in such a religious background, talking about the particular congregation I was brought up on, questions were never good, we were expected to just be, to just agree and to just do as we are told basically. I am not saying I was trying to latch out and rebel against my religion, not at all I actually do agree with many things with the Catholic Church but I also have questions, doubts; there are many other things I don’t agree with and I don’t think that it is wrong or that this makes me a bad person. I think we are  allowed to a moment of doubt,  of being lost at some point in our lives and just not knowing and not understanding. We need this, we need to get lost, we need to not understand, we need to be confused and have questions but more importantly we need to ask ourselves what am I doing? Where am I? Where am I headed? What do I want? It is thanks to all of these questions that we begin to analyze what we are really made of, what our body and mind is telling us that we want and need. The problem is not knowing what you want, not knowing what makes you happy, listening to yourself.







It wasn’t until my first solo trip that I got “lost”, maybe it was just stepping out of that bubble for some time I am not saying you have to catch a plane to open your eyes yeah? But for me it made it happen. It just makes the blur go away, makes you forget what you don’t need to remember, it helps you to actually listen to yourself. Okay, I am totally going off topic but if you wanted to know my thoughts on travel please do follow link hahahah. Back to the point in subject, tattoos. After I took that solo trip, I came back to my usual routine, to my family. my boyfriend, to school.  And I woke up every day and every single morning I read a page from my travel journal just as a little reminder that I could make every single day an adventure, that I didn’t have to go out to hike Mt Everest or meditate with the Chi Gung masters in Tibet, just make every day a good day, make every day a unique day. Meet someone new, visit a different place, be outdoors, read, etc.






And that’s pretty much when I decided I wanted a tattoo, a daily reminder of this. I tried to figure out exactly what I would want that would represent this, a symbol, a phrase, an object and for who knows what reason, I’ve always been into feathers-not birds, feathers! I started realizing that my room was fool of feathers, I was always drawing feathers even my clothes had feathers so I started reading into them and turns out they are by far more interesting than I had already thought. In Egyptian mythology a feather was a symbol of Shu, the god of the wind and father of the earth and the sky. The feather was shown in scenes of the Hall where the deceased were judged for their worthiness to enter the afterlife. The deceased’s soul, his heart, was weighed on a balance against the feather and if the heart was lighter than the feather, then the dead person could enter the eternal afterlife. So I got the feather to remind me of how I need to be as light as a feather in this world, how I need to keep my heart free of impurities; hate, grudges, anger and all negative feelings in general. A feather flows, it floats up in the air until it lands somewhere and then it gets picked up again and keeps floating and moving where it has to when it’s supposed to but it won’t get picked up onto it’s next journey if it’s not light, it won’t flow as easily either. So the feather reminds me to allow myself to go when I am supposed to go but to also allow myself to be here and now when I am here, to enjoy this one moment because I never now when and where my feather will take me after.






There are so many misconceptions out there about tattoos, social taboos and what not and I do get it, if you see a guy out there with a teardrop tattooed to his face, or worse several teardrops, or a gang name on their back.. well.. yes, you automatically get a bit paranoid but people need to understand that tattoos don’t solely exist to mark these gangs or to cater to the “Mara Salvatrucha” or ex-cons. Of course there are people who only get tattoos to intimidate others, or to prove something to someone or because they were drunk (not judging) but too many others it truly means something. Everyone has different people and different things that mean a lot to them and it isn’t always what we understand to be important in life or it is at least not important to us but it was important for that person and if they chose to tattoo their whole back with whatever they want, it’s because it must mean something to them and I get it. Now that I have two tattoos that truly mean a lot to me, that really make a difference in my life every time I look at them I understand and even want to know what other tattoos represent and why people get them. As long as you are getting it for yourself, as long as you are honest when choosing a tattoo trust me you can’t go wrong with whatever it is you chose to get, the tattoo will represent who you really are and will say much more about you than many words that might come out of your mouth. And if you don’t have tattoos, I am not saying you need them, some people don’t need visuals to remind them of what a great life they are to live and that’s pretty amazing too.






A tattoo doesn’t change who you are, it just reminds you of who you where, who you are and who you are becoming. And here is where my second tattoo comes in. I don’t think it’s necessarily true that when you get a tattoo you absolutely must get another one or even more, I don’t think it’s addictive, no. I’ve  had my one tattoo for over 5 years and I didn’t want another one, I had not even thought about it at all. But then this year, it happened :S I woke up and insisted on getting a second tattoo but it wasn’t an urge to get inked you know, I understood why I wanted it, and why it had to be this year and so I did. On my 27th birthday this year I headed out to get tattoo#2 and the main reason for my tattoo was a second important reminder before I head out on my trip around Europe and Asia. I have traveled a lot, and several trips have been on my own but it has never been more than a month that I am out exploring the world so this big trip coming up is a huge step for me. Heading into the unknown, for who knows how long, with who knows whom. Me, myself my backpack. So this second tattoo came into being because I already have a one reminder of who I need to be, of the type of person I want to be and the type of person I am becoming but I also needed a reminder of how I go to where I am.  So I got my mom’s face tattooed on my arm.. NOT.. (love ya mom :) )but close.. I decided to get the coordinates of where I was born and let me make sure I make this clear enough, where I was physically born, the hospital I came out of not where I was conceived  (yuck) if that is what you would consider being born. Just so there are no confusions..



FullSizeRender (1)




The coordinates belong to that one place that brought me to life thanks to my lovely parents of course. The place where my life started, the first adventure and my first sight of the world. I figured these coordinates will remind me on a daily basis that yes, I am floating, moving into new cultures, meeting new people, finding out about skills I didn’t even knew I had, discovering new things about myself but always staying grounded and always remembering that I got to be where I am, I got to go on this trip thanks to all the experiences I have lived in this past 27 years. That is thanks to that as$%^e boyfriend and to that amazing “one-that-got away” dude, to that fight with my best friend, to that drunken night, to my many scars and stitches, to my jerk ex boss and to that most amazing boss that is now a best friend, to that one trip I took down to Baja and to that one month trip to Tulum, to all those things I didn’t say and to all those things I did say, to all the things I’d take back and to all the things I wish I said, to the pain, to knowing you hurt someone, to the apologies, to the wanting an apology, to the feeling of being loved and the giving love. The universe allow us to live an amazing life if we chose to, if we understand that there is no good or bad experience, it’s just an experience. If we learn to live in love with ourselves and make the best of the life we are given.  So get out there and explore yourself and let the universe bring you all these experiences that will help you become who you need to become. Don’t let that feather get heavy and most importantly learn to be happy with what and whom you have now :)





Much love

NV >>


P.S> I was thinking it would be pretty fun if I have constant Tattoo Tuesday posts so please feel free to send me some pics of your tattoo/tattoos that you would want me to share on the blog. Please have a subject line “Tattoo Tuesday”  add pictures and a couple of paragraphs of why you got the tattoo and what it represents in your life and we will make sure to include it on one of our posts, email to info@nomadsventure.com



One thought on “A tattoo is not a mark, it's a reminder; What my tattoos represent in my life.

  1. Excellent words, I was moved to silence within my own mind as I imagined that of a woman’s voice narrating your story..

    I believe & agree with you that one must follow their own pathway through life and meet as many people who are willing to be met…

    Well..it is good to know that others who seek out more than just a simple existence continue to dwell here and that I am truly not alone as I always do feel…

    Thanks again for your kind story…happy thanks giving!!!

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