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You've been Spotya'd. The app that will change the way you connect!

You've been Spotya'd. The app that will change the way you connect!





I give you my latest obsession when traveling, Spotya.

This app is right out of the oven so, get with it peeps! Though it’s only been out for some weeks, this app is gaining more and more content that will make this app exceed your expectations once it’s up and running with more and more users. It basically allows you to see your contacts location on a in-app map, so whoever you decide to connect with you can share and view each other’s location at all times or when you decide to share it. Don’t worry you shady little you, you do have the option to remain  private and only show your location when you want to be seen or if someone requests it. I understand why you would be a bit skeptical about sharing your location 24/7, especially if you are not single, if you know what I mean… (remember you can always chose when to be visible to others) but I think it’s a great way to connect with friends and you will only share the location with people you decide to add to your network, so .. make good choices and all is good!










Yes, Google did the exact same thing with their location app and so does imessage but the good thing about Spotya is the chat option which works through wifi or data so, no SMS charges either and conveniently shows your friends location on a map. The other apps work to find a particular contact you share your location with but Spotya gives you choices.. our adultescent-selves need choices at all times!! With the app you decide who you feel like hanging out and where you feel like hanging out.





It’s hard getting everyone together on a Friday night especially if you live in opposite parts of town but imagine you find yourself after a work meeting away from your hood and just want to head out for a drink, it would be quite exhausting having to text all your friends you think might be in the area to end up finding out none of your friends are close by or maybe they are but it still requires a lot of work texting a few friends yeah? So instead, you take out  Spotya, check out your map and see who is in the area and badaaa bing bada boom! Out for lunch by yourself close to work- oh, look at my fancy map and turns out your hot neighbor is in the area too.. bada bing bada boom indeed.. okay, that sounded a bit like tinder but hey, you make of it as you please!














Now, why I recommend this for travelers?  If you’re like me and don’t really travel with set plans or itineraries this is a great tool to connect with fellow travelers you might have met at some point or possibly a friend you haven’t seen in months that coincidentally happened to be in China for a business conference same time you were there. It’s hard trying to meet up with someone when you have to meet a certain time at a certain location when traveling but if you know you are going to be at a particular place for a while and find friends there who knows, they might join you for a hike, or lunch, or even join you on your trip.  If you’r backpacking it, hey how about we share a room? (Like I said, Spotya helps you connect the rest is up to you 😉 ).  A big part of traveling is meeting people and you do, you always make friends and you usually stay in touch,  adding them to your network on Spotya will help you stay connected and maybe meet them at some point in your future travels.  It’s happened to me a lot where I am on a completely remote place of the world and I end up bumping into a friend from school whom I haven’t seen in years. Or, aaah and I hate this, you have an 8 hour layover at the airport and right when you’r about to finally get on the plane you bump into a friend who was waiting for his/her plane or what are the odds (and yes, it has happened to me as well) turns out he/she is on your same exact flight.. the universe..





This is definitely an app for the more adventurous characters that don’t really need to plan out a night or a weekend  and if you are one of those big planners give it a chance, be spontaneous, live a little.. YOLO, Carpe Diem, I heard “Wada” the other day but thought it was a bit dark (we all dye anyways).. anywhoo.. the app is free, try it out. Stay connected.


Visit Spotya’s website for more info.

Download on Itunes here.





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