Ian Somerhalder is Coral Reef>> 

 “-do you realize that one quarter of marine life depends on me, I am the nursery of the see. I am the protein factory for the world!! Yet you raise the temperature of the ocean so I can’t live here anymore. Here’s a crazy thought, STOP killing me.



You may never see this “nursery of the sea” in person — but you need it more than you think.

While coral reefs cover less than 1% of the ocean floor, they support an estimated 25% of all marine life — including the fish that ends up on your dinner plate.

But beyond harboring much of the world’s protein, coral reefs also provide shoreline protection from storms, new medicines that could treat cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, and livelihoods centered around tourism.

It should be no mystery, then, how valuable coral reefs are to people. Yet, people are their greatest threat. Overfishing and destructive fishing, warming waters, pollution and climate change are all taking a huge toll.

The result? In some places, nearly 20% of reef systems have been entirely destroyed — and by 2050, nearly all reefs could be at risk.

Julia Roberts is Mother Nature >> 

“- I don’t really need people but people need me. Yes, your future depends on me. I have fed species greater than you and have starved species greater than you. How you chose to live each day  whether you regard or disregard me, doesn’t really matter to me; your actions will determine your fate, not mine, I am nature I will go on.”



Mother Nature has spoken.

She doesn’t need people. But we need her.

For food. For water. For air.

We even look to nature for joy and inspiration.

But the natural world is being chopped down, burned, poisoned and used up at an alarming rate.We must change course now, because saving nature is the only way to save ourselves.

Harrison Ford is the Ocean >>

“-but humans take more than their share, they poison me and then they expect me to feed them? Well, it doesn’t work that way”.





The Ocean has spoken.

It doesn’t owe us anything — but we owe it everything.

All of us. Even if you live thousands of miles from a coast, the ocean affects you every day.

You can thank the ocean for every other breath you take. For food. For medicine. For protection against storms.

But we’re not showing our thanks. Instead, we’re taking more than we need, and now overfishing, pollution and warming waters threaten the ocean’s health.




Kevin Spacey is the Rainforest >>

“-well, they do breathe air and I make air, have they thought about that? Humans. So smart, they’ll figure it out. Humans making air that would be fun to watch”.




The Rainforest has spoken.

It’s always been here for us — making air for us to breathe, growing plants that heal us, storing water for us to drink.

No matter where you live, the rainforest makes your life possible. And when a rainforest is lost anywhere, people feel it everywhere.

Each year, more and more trees are lost to timber and to make room for crops and livestock. Cutting down a rainforest releases carbon dioxide back into the air and destroys important animal habitats.

But in the end, we’re hurting ourselves the most. People can’t live without the rainforest.




Edward Norton is the Soil>>


“-without me humans could not exist but you treat me like dirt, do you realize that I am just a thin skin on this planet, and that I am actually alive, full of organisms that grow your food? But I am broken, aching, overused, sick because of you.”





The Soil has spoken.

Without it, people could not exist. It’s that simple.

Soil nourishes our crops and forests. It purifies our drinking water. We use soil as the foundation for our cities and towns, our buildings and roads.

But we treat it like dirt — and it’s turning to dust.

We overuse chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides on our farms. We overgraze our fields. We cut down the trees that keep soil from eroding.




Penelope Cruz is Water >>

“- but to humans, I am just water. Just there. Where will humans find me, when there are billions more of them around? Where will they find themselves? Will they weigh wars over me, like they do over everything else? That’s always an option, but it is not the only option”.


Water has spoken.

It’s the very essence of all life on Earth — but we take it for granted.

Our planet is covered in water, but only 1% is fresh and available to use. Even a single drop is too precious to be wasted.

Without water, communities will crumble. Without water, crops will die. Without water, we will starve.

Robert Redford is the Redwood >>

” -and they started using the planet like it was put there just for them, act like they have and extra one just laying around. If they don’t figure out that they are part of nature rather than just using nature, they probably wont be around to see you grow up.”




The Redwood has spoken.

It’s been around a long time — and it has seen how people treat nature.

We use the planet like it was put here just for us, taking more than we need.

We take so much that by 2030, it will take two Earths to meet the demands we place on nature.

But this Earth is the only one we have.

>> Nature is speaking. Will we listen?



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