SHOP >> Coin purses and worry dolls

SHOP >> Coin purses and worry dolls

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Worry dolls or trouble doubles are very small dolls originally from Guatemala, handwoven with a wire or wood base and cotton clothing.

It is believed that if a person, particularly children,  can’t sleep due to their worries or problems, you tell the doll all your worries or nightmares and you put it under your pillow before going to bed.

The doll is the supposed to absorb the troubles and worry about your problems instead of you worrying, allowing you to sleep peacefully. When the person wakes up, it will be peacefully without any worries.

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Originally subjugated by the Mixtecs and then the Aztecs, the Amuzgos have worked hard to maintain their traditions, culture and language. They call themselves tsan-núa, “People of the Yarn” due to their skills in the textile art.

In safeguarding their ancient traditions, the Amuzgo have cooperative groups of weavers, embroiderers, even spinners and growers of cotton. This way the traditional techniques are passed down through the generations.

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