Shop our unique plastic woven totes for Summa' >>>

Shop our unique plastic woven totes for Summa' >>>

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By combining our designer skills and artisans’ manufacturing skills we have created a design portal where we collaborate in creating unique and exclusive items to showcase the art, the materials and the culture of various regions. We seek to help artisans showcase their work by reaching out to customers outside their communities, we want their fair trade products to reach out to the world and give them an opportunity and give you, our buyer, an opportunity to own a unique piece of art knowing that you have contributed to the development of many families and communities around the world.




Particularly or woven bags from Mexico help women communities in prison to be able to sustain their families outside as well as give them a daily routine and a way to become independent once more.

Weaving is the main activity for Zapotec and Mixtec regions, it’s a skill that has been maintained for generations. The first material used were dyed palm leaves, and were woven tightly to increase durability. Artisans maintain their handcrafted process of weaving but have evolved with the times and upgraded to long lasting materials.




One of the most popular materials that are used recently has been recycled plastic which has made artisanal production much more effective and much more creative. By using this more flexible material artisans are able to get more creative with their designs and shapes and are able to transport them to selling points easier as well.






We have been cooperating with women artisans in prison throughout Mexico to produce exclusive designs and colors to Nomads Venture. By combining our color selection and pattern design and their skills, we have produced a collection of summer totes and have given them the opportunity to re vindicate themselves and be able to provide for their families on the outside as well as giving them a healthier lifestyle while they continue their time in prison.

Visit our Fair Trade page for more info.


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