Welcome to our SHOP >> Nomads Venture

Welcome to our SHOP >> Nomads Venture

>>>Nomads Venture was originally born as a way to showcase  the art and craftsmanship from several communities

around the world and has now evolved as a collaboration between artisans from around the world and NV. By

combining our designer skills and artisans’ manufacturing skills we have created a design portal where we

collaborate in creating unique and exclusive items to showcase the art, the materials and the culture of various regions.





Most of the artisans that we work with are from smaller communities and don’t have the access to supplies

and machinery which is why we appreciate their work even more; their rudimentary techniques is what gives

each and every piece a certain uniqueness that doesn’t compare to anything that is out in the market.We

seek to help artisans showcase their work by reaching out to customers outside their communities, we

want their fair trade products to reach out to the world and give them an opportunity and give you, our

buyer, an opportunity to own a unique piece of art knowing that you have contributed to the development

of many families and communities around the world.

All of our pieces are one of a kind and sometimes made to order so many of them might not be

readily available but we will do our best to get you your pieces as fast as possible. We want all of our

clients to truly value how special a piece they have purchased and hope that you enjoy it as much as we do.






How it all started >>

The idea was born from my love for travel, my love of the unknown, my love for

the unique. The different places I have visited and the different people I have met

have inspired me to want to inspire the rest of the world to open their eyes to the

many experiences and places out there.


We invite you to visit our SHOP through the link on our page or directly at www.nomadsventure.com,

we hope you enjoy our selection as much as we do and hope to have you as a valued customer soon!

Your feedback is greatly appreciated, so please, let us know what you think.


C’est Moi >>

To read more about my travels and thoughts visit our about page :)

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