What to take on a camping trip >>

What to take on a camping trip >>

What to take on a camping trip >>


Don’t ya worry, I’ve been camping several times and can give you a list of things you will survive with, some are not absolutely necessary and I am leaving out all the luxuries of course but if you have space take all you want!


Let’s start with the survival essentials!


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-Tent. I highly recommend Coleman’s instant tents, check out post about product.

-Sleeping bag

-Sleeping pad/yoga pad (I never take them but if you have a tough back you should pack it)


-Extra fleece; depending on how much you spent on your sleeping bag and how cold the destination is, make sure you are warm at night. I would rather carry extra than freeze at night but it’s up to you.


-Most campsites have BBQ areas or fire pits but if you’re off into the wild and you want to be able to cook something up without all the hassle of making fire from scratch it’s always convenient to buy or rent a gas/propane stove. I bought the gas Coleman stove because they offer clean, fume free fluids but if needed you could use regular gasoline to make it work.


-Cooking utensils: knife, spatula, serving spoon, tongs

-Plates and silverware if you don’t own any for camping particularly you can always buy diposable of course, but let’s think of the environment :)


-Fire starters/newspaper

-Aluminum foil (You can cook mostly everything on the paper and just set it on rocks or twigs or a grill if you have one)

-Trash bags

-Dish soap and sponge

-Pots and pans

-Small cooler

-Can and bottle opener.. wine opener maybee 😉

-French press (a must for me, but if you’re not a coffee person doesn’t apply I guess)

-Cutting board




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-Hiking boots if you own a pair, otherwise some workout kicks would do the job.

-Flip flops (shower time)

-A pair of pants and shorts. I always take a pair of yoga/workout pants and you can use these as sleepwear as well.

-Pair of t-shirts

-Bathing suit

-Gloves, scarves, beanie

-Super warm socks (wool preferably)

-Windbreaker/waterproof light jacket

-Light sweatshirt/hoodie

-Warm and thick sweater or jacket

-Pair of short and long sleeve shirts

-Extra socks, they always get get or dirty you will always need more


-Electrolyte capsules

-First aid kit



-Water less shampoo

-Personal bath items


-Insect repellent

-Some neosporin or after bite cream


-Small backpack to take on day trips/hikes.

-Water bottle for hikes. I recommend this compressible Platypus bottle. plusBottle




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