Cultural round of Mexico City


The city that never sleeps!! There is always something to do here, no matter what you are into the city has it all, arts, culture, music, theater, shopping, food, everything! Visit one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world with over 300 neighborhoods. It can be overwhelming for the first time visitor, I can tell you I have been here about 8 times and still always find new activities and places to visit, so enjoy my small list of favorite spots, but know the possibilities here are endless!

Things to do >>

-Visit “Palacio de Bellas Artes”, originally a palace that now serves as a concert hall and arts center.You can take the metro out to this location.

-Visit Museo Memoria y Tolerancia which serves as a timeline for the holocaust with pictures, videos, testimonials and artifacts. You can walk from Palacio de Bellas artes it is only about 5 blocks away. $6 USD

-Visit El Zocalo, Mexico City’s most important Plaza and monument. You can also take the metro to this location, from Palacio de Bellas artes it’s only 2 metro stops.

-Visit Frida Kahlo’s home, “La Casa Azul” which now serves as a museum. Take metro exit to Coyoacan, I recommend taking the time to walk around the town as well.

-Attend El Bazar de el Sabado in San Angel to check out unique crafts and home decor as well as great food, coffee and live music.

-Visit Castillo de Chapultepec, a castle that sits atop Bosque de Chapultepec and now serves as a museum of Mexico’s history. Take metro stop to “Chapultepec” and it will drop you off right off the woods and you can take a 20 minute walk around the lake and forest.

-Get artsy and head out to Museo Soumaya and Museo Jumex which are relatively close from each other in Polanco neighborhood.


Where to eat >>

-El Hidalguense, for the best slow cooked barbacoa in the city. Head out to “La Condesa”, $8-15 USD

-Hosteria de Santo Domingo, traditional mexican plates, can’t miss out on Chiles en nogada. $8-20 USD

-Tamales Chiapanecos Maria Geraldine en Plaza Hidalgo, metro stop “Viveros”. $2.50-5.00 USD

-Cafe de Tacuba; mexican “antojitos”-quesadillas, tacos and gorditas. Metro stop “Allende” $7-12 USD

-Dulce Patria, reinvented traiditional mexican dishes. Metro stop “Polanco” $22-28 USD

-Pujol traditional mexican restaurant in Polanco, $25-$100 USD


Where to drink >>

-Take a walk down “La Condesa” Neighborhood about 4 miles from “El Zocalo”, known for great restaurants and bohemian nightlife. Head out to “Mero Toro” for a great dinner and drinks. You can also head out to La Nacional, specifically for the best Mezcal varierty in the city.

-Another neighborhood to keep in mind is “Colonia Roma” for unique shopping and culinary stops as well. I recommend stopping by M.N. Roy Club, a temple to high design and electronic music.

Limantour, there is one location in Colonia Roma and one in Polanco, so head out to either for a good mezcal cocktail.

-Bar Reves in Polanco, you get to experience everything upside down, literally furniture is on the ceiling including a full pool.

Walther bar/club at Colonia roma


Where to stay >>

-Hotel Downtown Mexico from Grupo Habita $150 USD. You must visit hotel’s restaurant Azul Historico in the courtyard.

Las Alcobas located in Polanco, walking distance to restaurants, shopping and nightlife. $300 USD

Hotel Villa Condesa $100

Mexico City Hostel, blocks from El Zocalo. $13 USD

Hotel Roosevelt $55 USD


Close cities to visit >>

-Puebla and Cholula you will need about 10 hours for commute and time at each town.

-Cuernavaca “spring city” and Taxco “City of Silver” . Head out for a unique culinary and artsy shopping experience. You will need about 10 hours for commute and time at each town.

-Xochimilco “city of dolls” take stop “taxquena” from the metro and from there head out to any of the 9 embarcaderos-“trajineras” to experience a 4 hour gondola ride through a somewhat creepy collection of hanging dolls in trees along the river.

-Acapulco a 4 hour drive to the closest beach to the city.




-I always recommend to take the metro because it’s a $0.50-1.00 USD per day so it will be way cheaper than taking a cab. Like in any other cities, don’t be flashing your benjamin’s or bling bling around the metro, obviously!

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