Uncertainty is part of life and always will be..

Uncertainty is part of life and always will be..

“Because of the unknowable, life means something. When everything is known, then everything is flat. you will be fed up and bored. The unknowable is the secret; it is life itself” -Osho



We are humans and we are always trying to explain things and understand why something happened or why someone acted the way the did; we have this need for answers, for an explanation because it helps us set things clear, it makes us feel safe.. we’re humans.. we’ve all been here, some are even stuck here but it is an understandable reaction.

You just can’t possibly live with this uncertainty, so you try to fill the void by creating stories of things going on in your head that would help you explain what the “unknown” is, but you get so emotional that you project this onto your life, you create this narrative that most likely isn’t true. You can’t control your thoughts, it’s who you are and it’s perfectly fine to think whatever it is you are thinking, but  don’t react to it. Just let it pass, don’t take your thoughts so seriously all the time. 

Don’ tell me you haven’t read that text over and over again to try to make some sense of it? Why you didn’t get into that school? Why you didn’t get the job? Why doesn’t he love me anymore? We have all done it, like I said, it’s in our nature. We have to step back and be able to differentiate between what has actually happened in reality and what we have led our minds to believe: What are the facts? What are the real events? What do we actually know? There are enough real factors around us to have feelings about you don’t need to become emotional and even hurt yourself by having feelings about  hypothetical outcomes that may or may not be true.

You seek answers all the time because the unknown is scary, the unknown makes us feel empty, makes us feel like we don’t have a purpose but we must all feel this way at some point in our lives. It is when we feel this emptiness that we understand what we really NEED and not what we really WANT. It’s important not to confuse this emptiness with a fantasy, don’t sit around waiting for your dreams and fantasies to come true, don’t expect certain things to happen in your life and don’t desire certain outcomes either; we can’t expect anything if we want to be empty. We must be empty in order to accept whatever comes our way, to let people come into our lives, our hearts, we have to allow to be filled by life and not desire for life to give us things, we must learn to just receive.

The first step in becoming empty is trusting yourself of course, but trusting that the universe has your back as well. Trusting that you are meant to be where you are right know and you are meant to be whenever you go and you are meant to be with whomever you are at the moment for a reason. If you don’t learn to trust it will be scarier to get out there, nothing will be clear in this journey and things will just get more and more insecure so if you start doubting, you will not make it, you need to believe. Of course you can plan, you can map it, it’s your support, we think that by having a plan it’s not so dangerous, and if this helps you out than certainly do it, as long as you go through with it.

Your number one enemy is the mind; we are composed of the head, the heart and the being; intellect is the functioning of your head, instinct of your body and intuition your heart and behind this is your being who is just there to receive. Your mind, your intellect is very narrow and wants you to live in the predictable , in the known. This is what the mind is, what you know, what you have learned, what you have experienced; it moves and lives in patterns, in routine, the mind is safety.

Life itself wants you to move in the unknown, but we get so stuck in wanting to live how our mind tells us we should and our mind is biased by everything that it “sees” happening in the world, by experiences that have hurt us, by religion and what society has been feeding our head. That’s why is hard to just be, it’s hard to live by our hearts because society isn’t ready for us, they judge us and might even label us as naive for wanting to make beauty in life, for wanting to create, to make art of everything, to be happy about everything. Which parent will tell you they want their kids to be musicians or artists, they want their kids to be doctors or lawyers because those professions pay, because that is safe for them. Parents just want their kids to be safe and happy and in a world full of mind oriented, the heart oriented usually do get screwed  to be honest, but at least you are doing what you love and what you want and the beauty of it is we lived it, we don’t regret it, we embrace the experience and move on to adventure onto the next experience.

So learn to accept the uncertainty and embrace it, don’t make stuff up or plan for things to happen, make this emptiness happen. Get out there, genuinely put yourself out there, risk your heart, risk your life, have a blast. Just remember to always come back to you, to always slow down and breath, remember to analyze what is actually real, uncertainty and emptiness never go away, so learn to live with it, embrace these moments and learn to receive. You will not always receive good things, I can’t tell you that you won’t get hurt physically or emotionally but you have to risk everything to get something real. Wouldn’t you rather love and get hurt? Wouldn’t you rather do and take it off the list? Wouldn’t you rather figure things out on your own instead of listening to what others have to say? Wouldn’t you like to be able to tell yourself, hey I did that.. all on my own?

 You will feel a complete satisfaction once you know YOU made things happen, you let the world give you and you took it, you appreciated it and made the best of it. Don’t fantasize, don’t think you deserve things to happen to you.. Give to the world and the world will give back.

Stay real.. Stay empty.

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