Laguna Hanson in the cold

There’s not much to do in this little town, the whole point is that it’s secluded in the woods and it’s pretty much yourself and yourself. Parque Nacional at La Laguna Hanson was a Norwegian’s residence years ago, and legend says he left a “hidden treasure” but hasn’t been found yet. That’s the main reason there’s a campsite nowadays, people would spend nights there exploring for treasure.

To get there, take the road from Ensenada to head out to in the direction of San Felipe, you have to take the detour that leads you to the town Ojos Negros (KM 43.5).  A few miles after that you will see a sign for “Parque Nacional” and you will be guided to the cabins. (I highly recommend on driving a 4×4 for the following 10 km, depending on the weather could get tricky!)


Things to do:

-Hiking hiking hiking; head to the waterfalls

-Visit the 800 year old tree

-Kayak out on the lake


Where to stay:

-Parque Nacional Constitucion; you can rent a 4 person cabin for $50 USD or campout in the wild for $5 USD.

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