What’s in your backpack fellow nomad?..

What’s in your backpack fellow nomad?..

What would you pack if you were to travel for a long period of time..? I am a light packer so it comes easy to me but it is still hard to know what you should take a country you’ve never been, what do they have over there? What do I need when I’m there… the truth is most of the things you will need will be available wherever it is you travel but it’s always the best idea to take things necessary not only for practicality but to keep a low budget.

I made a list of what I consider absolutely a must on my bag.. hope this helps and please do comment on post with things you consider we should add to the list!


It’s very important to first figure out a couple of things:

How long are you traveling for?

Which region are you traveling to?

What is your traveling budget?

From this, you will get a better idea of what to take; if you’re planning to sleep it out in hammocks rather than a hotel or hostel with bathroom, well you might need more things. But again, you will always find what you need overseas.


#1. The backpack: you could buy specialized backpacking bag but I found this North Face duffel/backpack more practical, you can carry it everywhere or strap it to your back when needed and they come in several sizes. I would also recommend taking a smaller backpack for day trips or going to the beach, something you can easily fold and keep on your big backpack.


Small:  42 Lt volume 3 days

Medium: 72 Lt volume 4-5 days

Large: 90 Lt volume 6 days

XLarge: 175 Lt volume Over 10 days


Screen shot 2014-04-13 at 1.35.50 AM




Screen shot 2014-04-13 at 1.36.06 AM




Screen shot 2014-04-13 at 1.36.21 AM




-Pair of jeans

-Underwear and socks (I am hoping you were considering this already)

-Flip flops

-Pair of shoes for your everyday

-Running sneakers

-Light cardigan or sweater (you can use it for sleep and to enter religious buildings)

– 5 to 7 tank tops

-5 to 7 t shirts

-3 Swimsuits

-A long skirt; for hot days and for countries where you need to cover yourself up.

-Athletic pants/shorts (You could use this as Pjs too)

-1 sweatshirt

-1 scarf or sarong; for cold weathers and to cover your head in certain countries or to protect yourself from sun and sand.

-Sleep ware; pants, shorts.


-Travel adapter

-LED flashlight : you can buy a solar powered one or use your phone.

-1 Swiss army or leatherman knife

-Medical kit with basic medication; cold/flu, diarrhea blockers, aspiring/ibuprofen, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic cream, hydrocortisone for insect bites, antibacterial, lip balm, sunblock, aloe vera and Vitamin B1 to avoid mosquito bites.

-Wash kit; shampoo, waterless shampoo (you won’t shower some days with fresh water and to avoid an itchy scalp this works wonders!) Or you can take olive oil soap which you can use for head, face, body and clothes as well.

-Flash drive/icloud account

-Solar charger


-Towel; try REI brand towel  synthetic compact fabric, dries 8 times more due to waffle texture.

Screen shot 2014-04-13 at 1.50.18 AM

-Combo lock

-Copy of travel papers (In case you lose your official paperwork this will help in getting them back)

-A couple of compression bags (will keep things dry and will save space on your pack)

-Travel packs/cubes to help organize your pack and make it easier to access items.


-Flat water container; these can easily fold up in your backpack to keep for later and can also hang from your pack. Try this “Platypus: container. download


Again, don’t freak out! you can buy everything overseas..


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