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My passion for travel and how I got sidetracked..

My passion for travel and how I got sidetracked..

I’ve had this idea of traveling the world since I was 15. I actually asked my parents to get me an airplane ticket for my birthday but they weren’t very supportive of a 15 year old traveling by herself, or a 16, or even 18 year old.. I’m pretty sure that there is a majority out there that wants to do the same thing at some point in their lives right? It was very clear to me that I would do it at some point in mine at least.

So I made this my mission, I made a plan of how I could travel out when I graduated from high school, have enough money and preparation to survive! I saved up some money and had a map all marked out.. When I graduated, my parents insisted I had to at least finish college before I left, yes technically I could have just gone without a care of my parents approval but we had a death in the family that year that I just couldn’t.. I couldn’t not care.. I couldn’t and didn’t want to just leave

So I came up with this other plan: graduate from college, get your degree, save up some money and then go. And so I did,  I was never going to get my mom’s approval to travel the world so I stopped asking or accepting their financial help, and started out on my own. I was paying for my college tuition and all my expenses so I had to work full time and go to school and that would only pay for the bills so I had to think of some other way to make money. So I turned to selling drugs.. naaaaaaah just kidding, I wasn’t that desperate hahaha So I figured I’d test my artistic skills and started creating whatever came to mind; graphic design, furniture design, fashion, anything that had to with design. People payed me to style them, to decorate their homes, to build them furniture, to create logos, whatever it was I did it. All of this of course went straight to my “travel the world fund”. I started doing prettyyy good I must say and was saving up more than I thought I could and then something happened, I do not know how or when this idea got in my mind but my plan changed a bit, I was now decided to start my own business, be my own boss and basically make enough money to travel while being able to manage my business oversees. It seemed perfect, this would give me the opportunity to extend my travels, to travel out to more places and to possibly spend some more cash out there. So all that money I had saved up would now go to my business.

Things started out great, I wasn’t making a regular salary but had extra cash flow to save up for the trip and my monthly sales were probably enough to survive in certain countries. So, things were looking up, I was happy and excited and proud of myself. I have to admit I started losing track of my dream though. The word ran out of my story, people started reading my blog, friends and strangers where contacting me just to tell me how proud they were of me how they looked up to me. I was asked to go on TV, I was on magazines, I was on blogs.. I mean people would contact me asking for my guidance/advise on how to start a business, me.. a 22 year old. I think this really had to do more with my ego than the means to get to my dream but I don’t regret it, I enjoyed every second of it! So this pushed me to I invested more and more and somehow this turned into my new mission, making my business successful. I mean, honestly, how many people try to start their own business and things just don’t work out? I figured this was an opportunity the universe had for me and had to make the best out of it.

So I did, I did my best, I devoted my days to this. I had no social life, relationships were hard to keep when my main focus was my business but I figured I’d have to invest all this time now and have fun later..And then the expected happened,  I got lost, traveling was not in my near future anymore, I was dating this amazing guy, I had my place, I had my business and I had this really cool job on the side that payed very well so I got comfortable, I settled. I find that many people chose to travel to find answers, to know what they want to do with their lives, to find the love of their lives, to find a job, and for many many other reasons. I just wanted to travel for the fun of it, to explore, to meet new people, to get immersed in other cultures, to grow and become a better person. To enjoy it and enjoy myself while out there.  It wasn’t like I put my dream aside because my life was “stable” I still wanted to travel but got a bit sidetracked. I wasn’t really settling, I was just comfortable for the time being and didn’t feel the urge of escaping right away.  My idea would have been to travel out with my significant other and live our lives traveling, working out there, moving all the time, live a nomad life basically (crazy I know),  but since that wasn’t working out I had to make this plan my own. And don’t get me wrong I am not saying I didn’t want to go by myself but isn’t it better and possibly more rewarding to have someone to share your experiences with? Might sound cheesy, I do agree we can use our alone time as individuals, but if you could share a new dish, a new hobby, a new city, a new friend  with someone to me it’s way better. I think when traveling with someone you truly get to know that person, wether it’s a friend, boyfriend, husband, etc. Get to see the world and experience it all and grow as a person and as a couple..

That was my idea.. I just had to get back on track.

And the universe strikes back; all the work I had done with my business.. finito! The factory where we manufactured and kept inventory was broken into and they took EVERYTHING! new designs, prototypes, supplies, documents.. everything.. It hurt so bad, it was such a downer after all the years I had invested in this thing, after all the money I had saved up. But day by day I started turning this around into being a positive thing; the experience I got from starting my company PRICELESS, and this was now a way to go back to my original plan. I tried, didn’t work out, I am not giving up of course I will try again but for now, I need a breather, I need to get out there.. open up that map I have in the closet.. and I’m going back!!

I have been reading several books that have helped me get started, because its hard! honestly were do you even begin!! As an adult, most of us are in debt if we are living in the US, speaking for myself at least! And you can’t travel if you need to make car payments, school loan payments, alimony haha who knows, that’s your business but first step, clear all your debt out. Visit my blog tomorrow on STEP 1 on how to plan the trip of a lifetime!

In the next couple of weeks I will be posting on how to start planning so make sure you keep up with the posts and get some cool tips and books to read.

Thanks for reading

Bohemian in me.


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