How to attain mindfulness..


“Mindfulness is the ability to be 100% conscious of what you are doing at that given moment,” says Charu. The aim of mindfulness is to live in the present moment. To experience each moment to the fullest. Med


The whole point of meditation will be to clear your mind of all unnecessary distractions and learn to listen to it and your body. It is important to understand  that the past is gone and undependable and the future is uncertain so the only way to be happy is in the present. You need to remind yourself that you deserve to be happy, and start meditation with this reflection: “May I be truly happy and free from suffering”. Seek your happiness..

If you have never done it, it’s easy!! I will start with an easy meditation technique. I’ve taught several meditation courses and have found that focusing on our breathing is always the easiest of all but there are several ways of meditating, I will post about other techniques once we master this one.

I always recommend washing your face and hands before meditation, the water vibration will neutralize  the negative energy and make it easier to relax.

If you are thinking of doing this on a regular basis, pick a spot at home where you can always meditate. This way, over time, you will build up a force in this area that will make it easier to meditate.

I don’t recommend mediation while standing or laying down, the best position would be sitting down on a chair, or the floor with your legs crossed. Once you have given this several tests and have practiced a bit, it’s fun to meditate outdoors, you absorb all the energy from nature and will make the experience way more intense.

We will start with focusing on your breathing, focus and think real hard on breathing in the air with one nostril and breathing the air out through the other. Start doing this 2 times a week for 15 minutes. Pay attention to what you are felling, to what is distracting you (because it will happen).. This way you will be able to focus quicker and for longer periods of time with practice.

Start with 15 minutes, twice a day then move on to 30 then 45, then 4-5 times a week. With time your mind will ask you to meditate twice a day!

corner of a room

“Still the body as much as possible, either sitting or standing, then focus your mind on the breath moving in and out of the nostril,” says Charu. “Because the breath is taking place in the present moment, it will bring the mind into the now and meditation begins there.”

you wil be able to focus.. distractions will disappear

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