Date a guy who travels

Date a guy who travels

There’s a link out about all the reasons why “you shouldn’t date a girl who travels” which basically talks about the characteristics of a nomad at heart and why you shouldn’t or should date this kind of gal. So, I came up with the reasons why I would love to date a guy who travels and here goes.


1. Someone who travels, who has seen the world, will have a better idea of who they are and what they don’t want in their lives. They will be way more understanding and open to new experiences.. This guy, will appreciate all the little things..

2. He will never be boring, he will always have a story to tell you about this travels. He will never have a routine, it’s all about spontaneity, about new things, new books, new restaurant, new museum, new city, etc.. I am not saying you have to go out every single day or have something different and fun to do but even staying at home watching movies, he will make it a fun, interesting night.

3. He will always appreciate what you do for him, always says thanks or smile back .. Chances are we has roughing out in India or sleeping uncomfortably wishing we has spooning someone or someone gave him a goodnight kiss.. he will never take for granted that massage you gave him, or that pillow you bought him because his neck hurt, or the fact that you made him dinner (even if it’s boxed mac n’ cheese.. ma favooriiteee).

4. He will never judge you or anyone for that matter because he has seen a lot out there, he has met the craziest, saddest and most interesting people.

5. He will always have an opinion, he is not one of those guys afraid of talking or opening up.. (with moderation of course).. this guy will test your mind and your knowledge and will appreciate every new information you give him as well.

6. This is a guy who takes risks, he will risk everything for you because he has explored so much he knows when something is right, and knows not to let go so easily. This guy will mark you forever, leaving you a more exciting, curious person.

8.This is a guy who won’t promise you anything.. because honestly, how can anyone promise to love you forever, when we don’t even know if there will be a tomorrow. Don’t ever ask people for promises they can’t keep. This is a guy who lives in the present and doesn’t drag his past mistakes into your story, and doesn’t focus so much on what “could happen” in the future to question or interfere with every single step of the relationship.

9. Yes he is probably broke as well, but this is a guy who makes things happen so he will always find a way. ( a healthy, legal way lets hope).

10. This is a guy who follows his heart, who is willing to get to know the world, to get to know you. This is a guy who doesn’t go out and “explore” with women, he won’t go from girl to girl because he gets bored. He will truly explore you and everything about your relationship because this will be the maximum learning experience. He understand the importance of shared experiences instead of individual.

Amazing, hot , broke, travel seeker man! if you are out there, please contact me.. I will be waiting.. :)

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